1. doublespaces

    BigBoost F22 M240i makes 1015 WHP @ 43 PSI

    We've posted about this same car before when it crossed the 700 WHP threshold, and now it has returned as the first B58 powered vehicle to surpass the 1000 WHP mark. It's clear the B58 is a good performer and I'm anxious to see what comes next for the platform. Here are some more details...
  2. GuruAutowerks

    PROMO Guru Autowerks - ZF 6HP26/28 Transmission Adapter

    Guru Autowerks of Houston, TX is excited to announce the imminent release of our ZF 6HP26/28 Automatic Transmission Conversion Kit for the BMW N54 and N55 Engines. Our initial release is aimed at the E9X 335i models; development on other models will follow. We will include everything you need...
  3. Chris@VargasTurboTech

    Ad: VTT N54 GC -Full ReBrand!

    VTT is proud to announce an All-new VTT GC redesign for 2021! The latest in our line of N54 VTT “GC” turbochargers. The GC “F-RB” or Full-Rebrand. This is an all-new take on the VTT N54 “GC” turbocharger, using 100% new parts throughout that is pure performance. Some of the new groundbreaking...
  4. doublespaces

    Turbo Manifold 3D Printed from Inconel Powder

    Papadakis Racing prints a turbo manifold for the A90 Supra's B58, using Inconel powder. This type of 3d printing is known as SLS (Selective Laser Sintering) which uses a laser to weld layers of this metal powder two the metal below it. Really cool work here!
  5. SpoolPerformance

    Bmw F30 B58 Top Mount Turbo Kit :Spool Performance

    Hey guys Phil from Spool. Just want to share what Spool Performance has achieved on the B58 Platform as of 11/6/20 So to start off this is a 2017 BMW 340I with M package. It was a clean, stock car it had about 37k miles when it was picked up. ***Mods*** FX-180 (Spool)Stage 3 LPFP Turbo Kit...
  6. doublespaces

    Pure Drivetrain Solutions announces 1500HP ZF 8HP transmission upgrade

    After a few people were duped by phoney transmission upgrades that speaking frankly, were naively rushed into the market a while back, it seems PDS has stepped up to the plate and produced a true upgrade for the ZF 8HP line of transmissions which includes the 45, 50 and 51 with turn around times...
  7. doublespaces

    EOSpeed Billet Intake Manifold for B58

    Just like they have done for the N54/N55/S55 @EOSpeed has sent me some photos of their new manifold in testing for the B58. The previous manifolds for the older engines were a cast aluminum construction where the N54 and N55 utilized a front mount air to air intercooler and the S55 had a...
  8. Jarek@mgflasher

    MG Flasher Beta for Newest BMW MG1 Bosch ECUs (Aurix)

    MG Flasher Beta Program for Newest BMW MG1 Bosch Aurix ECUs MG Flasher is at the final stages of adding support for the newest MG1 Bosch ECUs with MCU TC29x (Aurix) found in Gen 2 (newest generations) B48/DME84T0 and B58/DME86T0 and we are offering beta software for interested participants...
  9. S

    Project: E36 Compact with M57N & DCT

    First of all, i was a little unsure in which category to post this, so moderators, be free to move to a better suiting category if you feel like it. Some background.... I've been building a E36 Coupe with M50 turbo for years now, and the last big upgrade/modification i did on it, was putting in...
  10. suspenceful

    Video WORLD RECORD: Manual BMW 135i runs 10.3 @ 134mph!

    I haven't been as active on the forums lately... YouTube and Instagram are where I post most of my content now. If you aren't already subscribed/following there, you're missing out ;) That being said, I have exciting news I want to share! I took the car to the drag strip after doing a ton of...
  11. doublespaces

    G82 M4 Leaked image

    This image appeared on reddit, it appears to be mislabeled the G22 M4 but based on what we know it should be the G82 since the G22 has already been shown. I was a strong believer they could make the grill less clashy with a different design, it appears they have done that with the M4.
  12. doublespaces

    736 WHP / 641 WTQ on Pump Gas

    These are SAE DynoJet numbers, so this also qualifies for our 700 HP Club As far as I know these are the highest numbers I've seen on true, pure pump gas. Additionally, this is a DCT swap so this officially puts it up there with the highest HP N54 DCT's that I'm aware about off the top of my...
  13. doublespaces

    MHD 2.0 with Datalog API Integration

    You can now upload datalogs with the MHD->SpoolStreet Integration available in MHD v2.0, there are two ways to proceed: Upload logs with an API Key: Logs will persist indefinitely at https://datalogs.spoolstreet.com/ under "Your Datalogs". BB Code support to embed your datagraphs in posts and...
  14. Scorpstan

    968HP Dyno Run with PI & BMS JB4

    hi i did some nice dyno runs last week. for me the first time with the BMS Controller for the PI. before I had the AIC controller, which was by far not so good. so what to say....it works very very good . at the end the small 550cc injectors maxed out, and we had to stop at map6 which results...
  15. aus335iguy

    MHD update v1.92

    Quote MHD tuning on another site ... “While most of us are stuck at home, we thought it would be a good time to unlock standing burble for N54 - enjoy ♦ MHD Flasher N54 v1.92 ♦ ✓ Added standingstill burble (just reflash your map with burble active). Standstill duration is 1.6s, independent of...
  16. Chris@VargasTurboTech

    B58 VTT GC E50 Results: 600WHP/600WTQ!

    Ok, guys, I know it has been a while but we finally got this finished and the results are basically exactly what we rated this unit at. A drop in no-core-charge, no-lead-time 600WHP upgrade! Mods are as follows: VTT GC Dorch Stage 2 HPFP VRSF Catless downpipe Dinan intake Custom MHD tune by...
  17. SpoolPerformance

    Spool Performance B58 Upgraded High pressure pump [FX-150]

    Spool Performance is really excited to introduce our latest product offering to the B58 community, the FX-150 high-pressure fuel pump upgrade. We have been testing this for almost a year now and here it is finally!! What is the FX-150? The FX-150 is an upgraded high-pressure fuel pump for the...
  18. 4N Motorsport

    4N Motorsport Single turbo kit

    4N Motorsport new product release!! We have developed and released the first bottom mount turbo kit to hit production. My idea was to design a high flowing twin scroll manifold and build it as close to equal length as possible. Our development car is using the gtw6765r turbo. From the first...
  19. Chris@VargasTurboTech

    Ad: VTT/Fab Factory Manifold(CFD) Flow Testing

    https://vargasturbo.com/product/vtt-ff-manifold/ We had the opportunity to perform some CFD on the Fab Factory intake manifold (our favorite) and see if the simulation would back our positive experiences and excitement about this beauty. Figure 1: VTT/FF Manifold in all its beautiful glory...
  20. Jesse@PURE

    B58 New Pure Stage 2 B58 RESULTS! 603whp on 93oct PUMP GAS ONLY!

    Early testing of our new B58 Stage 2 turbo has yielded some awesome results! 586whp, 93oct pump gas only and spools at 3,200prm's! They ran out of fuel on the next run but it should easily eclipse 600whp on pump gas only!