736 WHP / 641 WTQ on Pump Gas


Oct 18, 2016
These are SAE DynoJet numbers, so this also qualifies for our 700 HP Club

As far as I know these are the highest numbers I've seen on true, pure pump gas. Additionally, this is a DCT swap so this officially puts it up there with the highest HP N54 DCT's that I'm aware about off the top of my head. I do note that it does have the GTS flash which is known for less line pressure, so I'm interested to know how everything is holding up.

The car has a fully built long block with a 3.2L stroke and Darton sleeves. Here is the full mod list:

Predator N54 3.2L stroker high CR
CP custom pistons
Race pins
CP custom rods
Darton sleeve w/ Open deck
Cometic HG
Arp studs with ns300 sleeves
Stg 3 head ported and "polished"
Valve seat work
Ferrea valve kit oversized
VM ST turbo kit.
3.5" DP to Y dual 2.5"
550i O2 sensors
7677 turbo JB
EOS3 gen1 with PI intake
4Ports MAC
Port Injection ID1050x injectors with JB4
DCT swap with SSP and GTS flash
MFactory FW and LSD
DSS Halfshafts
No octane booster or nitrous
Tuned by @DocVu

97987353_195919261408315_4810262839220502528_n.jpgPorting rates.jpgPredator.May12.Pic1.jpg
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May 16, 2020
That's more believable than this reading on pump only. Pump e85. Or port meth. As with the very obvious kit on show in the engine bay. Not sure the need to boast this is pump gas only. Its not.
That was an old picture and the prometh was only plumbed and never used. 100% no meth was sprayed and no octane boosters were used. 93 octane pump straight from BP was used to make 736 whp.


Apr 5, 2017
I wonder how much the extra 0.2 liters is helping out. Kind of makes me want to have another long rods thread
In general, if increasing displacement with the same cylinder head/camshaft profiles, it will only increase torque and lower peak power output with all other things being equal.

This has a ported head (but no cams???). I would expect the head to allow for a bit of peak power increase (though ported heads are a crapshoot in this platform IMHO) and the extra CID reducing it a bit, so peak may be close to original (not that we could tell because of the half ass doitforthegram dyno pic).

I know the trend is higher CR as well, but I think these motors are so octane limited in the first place it's just not a great idea. I would reduce to make it more octane tolerant, and lowering the CR can improve spool time.