1. Buhala21

    AWD e82 135i with DCT

    Hello everyone, For a long time I wanted to make a proper fast one series. I was researching for a lot of time, but I wanted to make something that hasn't been done before. The idea of making the little car AWD, but retaining the DCT trans. There were a lot of unknown things, which I found later...
  2. Jon1998

    Technical Maxxecu / dct swapped e90

    After successfully completing my DCT swap on MSD81 and pushing my unopened 199xxx mile n54 to 700hp on stock clutches. I did a 5.84 second 60-130 dragy time and had a lot of fun rolls on the street with all the stock bmw components. I never got to post my 2 cents on what it took to swap the...
  3. PK4YOU

    Swapping N54 Engine In M3 E92

    Hello everyone, i'm new on this forum, from Georgia🇬🇪. I want to share my knowledge to everyone who is interested. I'm starting project, which is very important for me, i'm spending a lot of time and also 💲💲 on it. English is my second language so please don't be strict. It had some...
  4. amg6975

    SOLD DONE: DCT Conversion Kit

    Hey everyone, same story as my other post, my N55 135 spun a rod bearing so I'm S65/M3 mechanical swapping it. I'm parting it all out now so there's no turning back. I figured I'd offer up all the components for a DCT swap as a package, since it's a popular thing here. I have to do a bit more...
  5. ganque

    DCT autoshifting early at mid RPM range

    Hi everyone, I’ve been facing a recurrent issue lately on my 135is PS2 with DCT. Every time I use the launch control it’s working perfectly fine, but when I shift it to 2nd it almost immediately shifts it to 3rd without any manual intervention. I thought it was the clutches slipping or maybe too...
  6. Slow335is

    E92 335is DCT World Record! Over 138mph Trap

    Today I think I set the Worlds Fastest and Quickest 2011-2013 E92 335is DCT as far as I’m aware, that is stock motor,stock transmission flashing no 135 or m3 coding, stock 2.56 gearing no m3 conversion or gearing chsnge. Sorry if I’m wrong about any info. Read my full post as it was actually a...
  7. azshantris

    My Blue 1

    It's time I finally get together a build thread of my bimmer. It's not the most fascinating, the fastest, nor the coolest, but it's mine. I want to show it off and definitely keep building it. (Who wants to send me a big turbo?) This is my third BMW so far. Still have a 1988 735i, and sold my...
  8. AJL

    Weird fault code 5062

    Does anybody know what could be causing an intermittent DKG fault code of 5062? Show's up in ISTA as: 5062 - DKG: Fault, parking-lock hook I've thoroughly checked the shifter wiring harness and engine bay harness for problems, but haven't found any. It comes up randomly with no discernible...
  9. M

    Planning S85 V10 swap into E92 M3 with DCT

    Hello guys, nice to be here! I'm based in Eastern Europe. For my next project car I'm planning to do a S85 V10 swap into an E92 M3 with the DCT gearbox. There seem to have been a few breakthroughs in the both S85 engine management and the DCT controlling, so this seems like a good time for the...
  10. Tuningservice.no

    What dual-LPFP solution do you use in your Z4?

    Just bought a E89 Z4 35is DCT that's getting a bottom mount single turbo. What dual in-tank fuel pump solutions for the Z4 is out there?

    Ad: THOR - the M Flasher - iOS GTS and CS Flasher for DCT, DSC (MDM), LSD and EPS

    Dear SpoolStreet Community, on this Thread I would like to introduce our iOS app „THOR - the M Flasher“ THOR is a tuning solution to flash your dual-cutch transmission, dynamic stability control, limited slip differential and electromechanical steering with your iOS Smartphone by yourself...
  12. X

    MFactory DCT flywheel owners GET IN HERE

    I've seen that a lot of people purchased these flywheels to hypothetically eliminate the phantom knock when going above 18psi on a PS2 (N55 specifically). However, I've yet to see a single review or post proclaiming that this flywheel does prevent the phantom misfires. Who can speak to this...
  13. DirtKurt

    Long term 09 E92 build with DCT conversion

    What's up everyone, I'm currently collecting parts to convert my 2009 335i 6AT to DCT. I've been re searching for awhile and feel like I have a pretty good grasp on most of what's involved. Currently have on hand a 335is dct transmission out of a 2011 w/44k miles, the entire shifter assembly ...
  14. aus335iguy

    SYVECS running N54 _ WHo has one?

    MHD represents the best value for money investment on this platform I know, but theres things it cant do(yet?) like control the DCT, Launch etc etc I have a DCT and SYVECs is one of the only real ways to control those boxes. Who has one? Are they as good as they need to be for the price you...
  15. bennythebimmer

    E8X Newest DCT Swapped N54 E82

    I introduce the newest DCT swapped N54 e82 to the club. The car has undergone a full track prep over the winter but the last piece of the puzzle was getting the transmission that I wanted in there, the DCT. I absolutely could not have done this swap without @BMWJunkie! For those of you who don't...
  16. aus335iguy

    Oil leak from top of trans

    So found this explanation ... wondering if we can access this from inside the car when the GWS is removed ? https://bmwtechnician.com/2016/04/14/dct-trans-leak/ Also, given the number of gaskets that leak should we look at venting?
  17. johnybravo

    DCT(dkg) errors after m3 differential swap

    Hello guys! In 2 words: We swapped to 335i (n55 dct 2.56 differential) differential from m3 with 3.15. And now have errors with ABS and DCT. Did anyone found the solution for ratios in m3 diff or in DCT(DKG) software? Ore maybe you know Where we could find custom diff ratios for E92 M3...
  18. aus335iguy

    Parts Required for M3GTS conversion in 135/335.

    Parts for the GTS conversion are as follows be aware that some of these are pre/post LCI and you need to get the one for your car...also the trim is LHD/RHD specific, govent the audience is majority LHD ive posted them. GWS 61317842102 Drivelogic button 61317835039 6 Pin Connector for Drivelogic...
  19. aus335iguy

    How to flash the BMW DCT

    Ok chaps I’m sick of referring people to another forum for this. It’s home is now here. This isn’t my guide I copied it from elsewhere. Do your research and I take no responsibility if you brick your car... it’s all part of the game If you haven't used BMW standard tools i would suggest...
  20. aus335iguy

    Who’s doing a DCT swap ?

    So given that we can now have m3 drivelogic, adjustable launch control with anti lag and the ability to vary the final drive using an M3 diff who is now contemplating a DCT swap when they weren’t before ? Edit - @jyamona thinks hes now found the final drive spec in the DME which helps those who...