Planning S85 V10 swap into E92 M3 with DCT


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May 8, 2019
E92 M3
Hello guys, nice to be here! I'm based in Eastern Europe.
For my next project car I'm planning to do a S85 V10 swap into an E92 M3 with the DCT gearbox. There seem to have been a few breakthroughs in the both S85 engine management and the DCT controlling, so this seems like a good time for the project :). I want to keep the car very OEM looking and fully street-able with full dash & all button functionality.

I came across two options for mating the DCT with S85. First one is a stand-alone gearbox controller created by a member here named Nisse Jarnet and from what I heard he charges around 1,500€ for his unit. The other option I found is Howell Race Engineering's S85 engine management system that works with the DCT box as well. I couldn't find an exact number but people on forums are quoting 5,000 - 6,000€ for their unit.

I assume going with the Nisse's stand-alone DCT controller would be much more tricky, as I will still need to hack the S85 ECU quite a bit to make it all work together and I probably wont be able to get all of the dash & interior functionality. Basically this unit seems more track-focused. While the Howell unit would be much easier plug-and-play solution and they claim full dash functionality in E92. Am I correct with my assumptions?

Any feedback and tips about this would be greatly appreciated, thanks!
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Oct 18, 2016
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I know @Nisse Järnet is here, there was also another individual who was modifying the stock DME I thought? Perhaps it was for an older chassis. Jim was it?