Swapping N54 Engine In M3 E92


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Feb 3, 2019
Georgia, Gori
M3 N54

Hello everyone, i'm new on this forum, from Georgia🇬🇪.​

I want to share my knowledge to everyone who is interested.
I'm starting project, which is very important for me, i'm spending a lot of time and also 💲💲 on it. English is my second language so please don't be strict.



It had some exterior aftermarket parts SeibonCarbon trunk, Front bumper Carbon lip, rear bumper diffuser.
Now i'm collecting parts and i have already bought this:

1)Dct transmission from 335is.

But 335is transmission had damaged clutches because of wrong ecu tune clutches was slipped and all of frictions was worn out. I Moved whole clutch basket from my m3 transmission into 335is trans it was in very good condition.

2) Ebay 17T Turbos 11 blade Gtx style.

3)Vrsf 7.5 Race Intercooler

4)Vrsf 2 inch inlets stock location

5) Ebay OCC

6) M4 Dct Flywheel

7) Ebay Charge Pipe with stock blow off ports

8) Air scoops

9) Gplus 19 row oil cooler kit
I have to do custom bracket and install this cooler on driver side for engine oil cooling, because m3 dct have transmission oil cooler in stock passanger side.

10) Engine oil thermostat lower temp.

11)3 inch downpipes modified to v band no more restriction.

12) Because of 6 bolt n54 engine, i bought wrecked car on Copart auto auction, Tx-houston.Sorry for somebody's loss.
As it seems from photos it has aftermarket aluminium charge pipe, upgraded inlets, but i can't see which brand is it because of photos are very bad quality... It needs 2-3 month before car will be delivered to me by ship 🥱 i could go crazy, before this time passes.

For now this is what i did, i will update as soon as i got new parts or do something with car.

Update, Finally car delivered to me which i bought on auction, Tested engine Oil pressure ok, Cylinder compression normal. But i decide to replace everything Main bearings, Rod bearings, Piston rings, cylinder head gasket, Crankshaft front and rear seals. Valve seals and absolutely everything what is possible.


Bought Mmp silicone turbo outlet used

Car started and runs fine i will post videos and photos soon

only left servomotor to work, m3 dme outputs signal to servomotor, I'm gonna flash my Dme to ikm0s (1M) i hope this will make sevomotoe work.

Servomotor fixed controlling from Juction Box Like 1m.

Flashed Ikm0s Rom and M drive Started working.

Changed VO to euro product and recoded transmission + Dsc. Feels better than it was before.

Today I took some photos.



Car is on Original paint, Only front bumper is painted Because of it had straches.

Wheel setup
ESR SR04 glossy black
R18, rear 10.5j et22, front 8.5j et30.
Tires: Michelin pilot sport A/S 3+, front 245/40 rear 285/35 (My favorite tires for daily).

Installed Walbro 450L/H Fuel pump, disabled fpr, and removed hpfp filter.

This is how Undercarriage looks like:

No Oil/Water leaks, new gaskets did his job.


3 inch stainless exhaust and m3 stock resonators + mufflers, i love sound.

Tcu tuned by @Begood69 , thanks john he is very welcome and helpful, he had not only tuned tcu also helped me about DCT oil balancing and adaption procedures, what is not easy. Now normal driving feels much smoother than it was before lower upshifts, changed drivelogic default to 1 on startup i asked it. Raised oil line pressure up to 20 bar. Disabled redline upshifts and etc... he is really pro DCT tuner.

Also started Ecu tuning with @Twisted Tuning for now he sent me base map and i have logged what he asked, will update as soon as he'll send corrected map back. At first we are going to do 98 euro octane daily map 18 psi, as soon as first map will be finish we will start second map wmi and E20-E30 20-23 psi.

I made a short video during logging process.

Updates car drives normally and stable everyday there is no even small problem about 1.5 month passed, even check engine have never lightened.
Daily map have not finished, yet. Justin is very busy person, 1 revision needs 1 week, now we are on 4th rev tune. When 93 octane (98ron) will be finished we'll start race map.




Traded 437M wheels to Forgestar f14 wheels.


Today replaced Spark plugs, installed ngk 2 step colder. Gap 0.55mm.

Upgraded Audio system from HiFi (premium) to Individual Audio/Enhanced Premium Audio System/SA 752
sounds awesome, much better.

Retrofitted venoxy Speedometer today, looks awesome, much better than stock.

Upgraded angel eyes from lux h8 v3 to lux h8 180, really brighter than older version.
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Sep 6, 2017
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Dude i'm not sure you understand the can of worms you opened in terms electrical hurdles.

Hope you know someone as this is not a simple swap.

Going from turbo to NA is far easier than the other way around unless the m3 and 335 have same specs than
I would just do a full harness swap with all modules.