NEW for 2021 - VTT - N54 F-RB Turbocharger Kit

Nov 16, 2016
Toronto, Canada

WHP Level supported (with proper fuel, upgrades, and tuning) Stock-850WHP

VTT is proud to announce an All-new VTT GC redesign for 2021! The latest in our line of N54 VTT “GC” turbochargers. The GC “F-RB” or Full-Rebrand.

This is an all-new take on the VTT N54 “GC” turbocharger, using 100% new parts throughout that is pure performance. Some of the new groundbreaking features include: All turbine side parts are now fully cast from 310 Stainless Steel for increased temperature resistance, and ultimate corrosion resistance. We also fully redesigned the turbine housing -the F-RB’s have a much larger volute as well as a proprietary AR which will dramatically increase flow capacity, helping to eliminate stress on the turbine wheel. Fully redesigned compressor housings which now include V-band OR Hose Barb connection options (while our current stock of hose barb connections last). The CHRA’s are redesigned with new compressor wheels, bullet nuts, and better internal parts. These are new turbochargers from the compressor housing to the bearing housing, to the turbine housing. We engineered them to fit in the stock N54 location but provide the full flow of a much larger turbo -the F-RB’s outflow the GCV2.0’s by a significant margin.

With this all-new design, there is no other 850WHP capable turbocharger option on the market single or twins that can match the spool, ease of fitment, power, reliability, OR price of our GC “F-RB” turbochargers!

GC F-RB turbocharger Features:

Turbine housing cast from 310 Stainless Steel for the ultimate in temperature and corrosion resistance
Turbine Manifold cast from 310 Stainless Steel for the ultimate in temperature and corrosion resistance
Redesigned Turbine housing with an increased volute and AR size for improved flow over V2 GC’s
Mar-M246: Every set of F-RB Turbochargers comes with a Mar-M26 Superalloy turbine wheel for unmatched durability
Re-designed compressor housings with the choice of V-Band or Hose Barb
Upgraded Internals: Every set of stage F-RB turbos comes with a performance upgraded thrust, as well as upgraded internals to extend the life of the turbochargers.
Anodized 9 blade “Hi-Flow” Billet Compressor wheels are used to maximize flow per shaft revolution and help eliminate surge
We also offer 2000 degree ceramic coating for the ultimate in under hood heat reduction, and to help aid in spool! Please choose from the options if you want your turbo coated!
All sizes utilize the same 52x46mm turbine wheel for increased flow
The “GC” F-RB comes in 3 sizes to meet all Power/Spool needs.

F-RB+ 63x46mm Anodized Gold – 10-15% flow increase over Standard Billet GC Wheel Rated at 850WHP – Very good spool
F-RB – 58x46mm Black Anodized wheel Rated at 800WHP – Slightly better spool than the GC+
F-RB Lite – 58×43.3MM Purple Anodized Rated at 750WHP – Very close to stock spool
With this new design comes new pricing, while we have made many changes to improve the design, capabilities, and reliability of the GC line up, we have now LOWERED the price.

F-RB Lites – $2499

F-RB’s – $2799

F-RB + $2999