2023 Upgraded Twin Turbo options for N54


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May 2, 2023
Hi everyone I have been doing lots of research to find a set of reliable big power twin turbos that are available for the N54 market in 2023. With lots of light being shed on modern N54 v3 and v4 17t's & 19t's I have decided it would be smarter to stick with reputable brands, mainly due to the Research & Development of the Turbo kit and Brands being able to show proof of reliability, durability and performance as a result of their product. I have a 535i with an 8 bolt N54, Manual 6 Speed and rear wheel drive. I am looking to make close to 450-500 whp on 93 pump gas for now and have plans of turning up the power in the future to 600-650whp on e85 mixture when I upgrade the clutch to handle that power. Current plan is to buy an overkill Twin Turbo setup run it on a reliable conservative tune on 93 oct and then be able to turn the power up to 600+whp. what is the recommendation for the turbos I have considered and if anyone has any other reasonable kits to mention that I should consider. Not looking to go the single route so please understand I am only looking for twin set ups!

I have already considered:
RB Turbo Game Finisher Series High Flows (Waiting for new Batch to be available from RB )
FrankenTurbo F54 (F23Bi are discontinued awaiting for the F54 to release, but still have yet to see much about these F54 turbos on the web yet want to learn more)
Pure Stage2 (they have great review but they are older design turbos and have not been updated from Pure for the Manifold/ Housing Cast compared to the competitors)

I had thought it would have been reasonable to mention the following but due to enough online comments and reviews, I did not.

I decided not considering:
MMP 1K (Company is out of business)
Vargas Turbo Technologies (many unsatisfied customers, even warranty one's who aren't able to get a response)
DAW 19T (Company is no longer in business for N54 platform)

"China" 19t's I would consider but not worth taking a gamble on:

viv 19T V4 (have had good response but still to early to determine)

Arashidynamics TDO4 19T turbo with KBT Turbo Ball Bearing (manly consider this because of the dual ball Bearing these 19T's offer)

Personally I am considering the RB Game Finishers High Flow as my first choice and the FrankenTurbo F54 as my second but there is not enough out about those turbos since they have yet to release.

Thank you anyone for your help and I hope this also helps others who are in the same situation and looking for reasonable twin turbos kit in 2023
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Nov 6, 2016
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I wouldn't trust FrankenTurbo. Doug has done such shady stuff in the past.

If doing to work yourself and you don't mind risk the viv 19T V4 on amazon w/ the protection plan for 4 years is the best option IMO.

RB is your safest bet IMO.

I would mention the price of FBO + upgraded twins is within spitting distance of a single turbo.


Jun 3, 2019
I have had my RB Game Finishers 17ts for over 2 years now and no issues with them.
Jun 2, 2022
Hydra v2’s? Where can I find out more?

Last page has an update from Omar about the v2. My experience has been that he is very responsive to email.


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Apr 11, 2023
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Haven’t finished the car yet but pure stage 2 hi flows here. Wish the wife chose single though. Between pure and vrsf parts I found everything to fit horribly. Was a fitment nightmare. I also ended up making my own drains since I hate the kink in all oem lines


Feb 24, 2019
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My advise is to figure out what you want from the car .Make understanding what is needed for the driving experience and performance metrics as a priority, while you have this discussion.

On topic, I run a car that goes around a circuit ok , can be driven in the rain as a daily and has run a 10.7@131mph in that form. It has pure stage2 hiflows.

No idea what power its making but, I have no complaints with the turbos. I run flex fuel and it is great on straight pump up to full E85 mixes.


Feb 9, 2021
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I suggest swapping platforms. The F series with a B58. Is by far a cheaper platform to maintain and will make the same power more reliably. Plus wayyyy faster. Steering feel is not there though. Be warned
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Jan 24, 2018
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I suggest swapping platforms. The F series with a B58. Is by far a cheaper platform to maintain and will make the same power more reliably. Plus wayyyy faster. Steering feel is not there though. Be warned

The feel of the now extinct bmw hydraulics as mastered in the E82/E9xM steering rack can't be emphasized strongly enough.

I know my E82 chassis is too short and there are loads of faster unmodified cars, but I'm the one smiling and giggling like crazy behind the wheel even 13 years later.