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Apr 30, 2019
2008 BMW 535xi
2008 BMW 535XI
***Siezed crank bearings, must be towed***

This is a sad story. An oil line failed catastrophically while driving, and I shut off the engine two miles later. it was too late, and seized crank bearings. Over 15k in parts, I built this to be my forever car, and an absurd amount of time and attention to detail went into the build... but unfortunately I'm building a house on my property and don't have time to fix this. Hoping someone on this forum will see the incredible value here.

Link to build thread

I am a machine design engineer (I actually design turbos- really, really large ones for gas plants) and this car was my pet project. It has been upgraded with tasteful mods, and is about 450HP to the wheels on e30 mix. I drive it respectfully, given all the work I have into it. The car is capable of running 91 pump gas, or an ethanol mix up to about e50. I have run a conservative tune, however, with an upgraded fuel pump the car could do 600HP to the wheels. All the work below was done in the last 12,000 miles with BMW parts, or OEM parts ordered from FCPeuro. I can provide receipts for everything. I haven't tried to add up all the invoices because there are too many. Ballpark 15k in parts. The entire front end was replaced, it drives like a new car. The 1" lowering springs make it feel planted. I have never come across another e60 this well sorted.

Pure stage 2 hybrid turbos
Stainless 3" catless downpipes
JB4 G5 tuner, with bluetooth connect for on-the-fly adjustments and gauges
MHD backend flash
Aluminum outlets (custom made for 5 series)
3" high-flow silicone inlets
Turbosmart Blow-off Valve
BMS N54 BOV vacuum adapter
RB Turbo upgraded PCV valve
VRSF aluminum charge pipe
VRSF dual cone intakes
all new silicone vacuum lines
Index 11 injectors on bank 1 (these are about $280 each)
HRE replica 19" Aluminum wheels, approx 8,000 miles on tires
Xdelete transmission flash (allows to switch between AWD and RWD)
xHP stage 3 transmission flash (faster shifts, better for transmission longevity)
sandblasted and powdercoated subframe and front hubs

*New parts (w/in last 10k miles):
boost control solenoids
FCPeuro turbo installation kit
Turbo oil lines
Turbo cooling lines
oil pump feed line
new valve cover
valve cover gasket
hydraulic lifters
cam rockers
6x fuel injector seals
6x fuel injector decoupling elements
6x NGK iridium spark plugs (smaller gap for additional boost)
Full pentosin ATF flush
Transmission filter, pan, gasket
knock sensor
new front wheel bearings
new abs sensors
New front brake rotors
ceramic brake pads
control arm bushings (tension strut bushings)
OEM BMW sachs front struts
OEM BMW strut mounts
HR 1" lowering coils
2x wideband O2 sensors (front)
2x narrowband O2 sensors (rear)
Front axle seals
New hydraulic engine mounts
aluminum BMW oil pan bolt set
Meyle tie rods
rear window seal
radiator hoses
Intake pipe seals
6x Delphi Technologies ignition coils

CHF power steering system flush
Front differential flush
cooling system flush
Walnut blasted valves
Transmission flush
vanos completed
injector coding for index 11 injectors
bead blasted and cleaned front suspension components

125k miles

Asking $6k













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island road

Nov 21, 2016
535xiT 2010 M Sport
Might want to add Pictures of the Car, plus miles. Also your build thread link is not embedded.