Maxx ecu standalone n54


Jul 17, 2019
2009 e93 335i
I am, actual sleeves or the closed deck insert?
I'm more interested in the cylinder support solutions sleeves I still want to be able to street drive the car with no temperature increases. Closed deck insert from what I've heard your typically see higher oil and coolant temperatures


Nov 14, 2016
135i ST
Post some dynos I want to see the torque curve. The DI is a pain in the ass but you got rid of basically the only good thing about this motor.
If you are going PI why not just use literally any other motor that’s infinitely better for a drag car?

I plugged my head with same turbo before and after (6466) and imo there was no noticeable torque difference. From the papers i read and dyno tuning on other cars you might expect about 5% maybe a bit more benefit while the intake valve is open. If your running e85 then what the injectors can spray on intake only is obviously more limited then race fuel.

Imo the biggest benefit of DI is pushing sh8t fuel further than it would otherwise be capable of. The other thing is with the port injectors positioned further back than a head designed for PI the slower transient response is noticeable at low revs, as in throttle blip below 2000rpm. Not an issue for any motorsport.

On the flip side, I've had my longest trouble free n54 since I dumped that sh8t and halved my tuning headaches.