DIY How to Reset the Transmission EGS Module


Nov 6, 2016
New Market, AL
335i e92 6MT
For those of you that 2009+ year models, here's the procedure for reactivating your paddle shifters in case they lose connectivity...

Here is what you do:

FIX - Load NCS Expert, Load EXPERT Profile. Follow normal steps, F1, F3, F6, F4, EGS, then F2, SGCODERIEN, F3. This will reset the EGS and your paddles will work.

0-Start ignition with cluster lights on
1-Load NCSexpert
2-File Use EXPERTMODE click ok
3-(F1) Vin/ZCS/FA
4-(F3) SG ausw
5-Choose E89 chassis click ok
6-Choose CAS click ok
7-(F6) Back
8-(F4) Read ECU and pick EGS module click ok
9-wait till nettodat file pops up and then close it out
10-Press F3 (execute JOB)
11-After it says coding ended you’re done!
12-Close out NCSexpert

At this point 3 things can happen:

**A)There are no errors and the car starts fine and the paddle shifters are working

**B)The car starts but then when you drive off, the shifting of gears are all screwy and changing correctly.

**C)The car starts but you get the dreaded GEAR error and it wont even go into drive at all..

If you have either B or C then your issue is the update of the Spdaten was incorrectly done...Go back and check installation and start again