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Apr 6, 2018
Dallas, TX but soon to be Cocoa Beach FL
2012 z4
BimmerWorld Invests Heavily in Butt Dyno

Furthering our commitment to finding extra power for your BMW's rear end, and as a leader in the BMW performance market, we've decided to pivot: Rather than our typical rigorous development, testing, and validation work on our in-house Dynojet, starting today, we'll be wiping the slate clean and using the Butt-Jet 5000.

Butt-Jet has finally cracked the market on seat-of-the-pants power measurement. Many moons ago we bought our very first used dyno, which crapped out within a few years. At the tail end of 2009, we bought a brand-new DynoJet, the industry standard, and it's served us well. The only thing that bummed us out was the lack of portability.

"I have certainly been aware of butt dyno technology for years," explains BimmerWorld President, James Clay. "I've also seen some of the claimed gains from other so-called performance parts that we suspect were being pulled straight out of the manufacturers' butt dyno. We're all about proving real power and delivering true performance. However, from what I've seen of the new Butt-Jet 5000's calibration algorithms, I think the dubious results of the past are behind us."

With our brand-new Butt-Jet 5000, we're now able to get to the bottom of power gains without all the tedious work of strapping the back end to the rollers. Rest assured, this new setup will help you realize the most power from your posterior.

Stay tuned for the runs!

-The BimmerWorld Team

Good job guys, happy April fools.....