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Nov 7, 2022
Hi all,

I've just installed a SLG Ford 8.8 LSD, Axle, solid diff. bushings, and driveshaft setup into my 6MT 135i. This is a dedicated half mile & 60-130 car.

What additional parts should I add to the following list to maximize straight line traction?
- 15 inch rear brake conversion
- 275/50r15 Drag Radials
- Solid Subframe bushings
- Upgraded rear trailing arms (recommendations?)
- Any other rear suspension components - e.g. remaining arms, arm bushings?

The car has a top mount Speedtech 6466 Gen II kit, all necessary supporting modifications (Reflex+, forward facing manifold w/ port injectors, etc.), and will be rebuilt with forged pistons & rods over the next several weeks.

Thanks in advance


May 22, 2019
Perth, Western Australia
2008 E92 335i 6MT
Jake Spence has a rear end upgrade video on Youtube which documents various control arm and bushing upgrades.

I think his upgrades netted him some good gains on and off the strip, at least before his motor went.

I'm going through a similar process on my E92 335i (essentially uses the same subframe/bushings/control arms as 135i afaik). I'd say have a think about adding the below to your list while you're in there, especially if your car isn't low mileage:

  • New rear wheel bearings
  • Replace OEM balljoints on knuckle end of roll over/camber arm links for fresh ones: LEM-3642601 (x2)
  • Replace factory bushings on subframe end of roll over/camber arm links for balljoints - https://www.bimmerworld.com/BimmerWorld-Rear-Camber-Arm-Bearing-Kit.html
  • Replace rear control arms for M3 items, and swap the open bushings on the knuckle-end links of them for balljoints: Lemforder 3067901 (x4). Alternatively, replace oem control arms with aftermarket adjustable arms that have balljoints on both ends.
  • Trailing arm links (subframe ends and knuckle ends) - replace with Lemforder 3067901 ball joints (x4)
  • 1M/M3 rear sway bar setup or aftermarket
  • Adjustable rear sway bar end links
  • Aftermarket adjustable toe arms with balljoints on each end
For shocks, upper/lower shock mounts and alignemnt, I'm not too sure what would be applicable for a straight-line focussed build. However, I went with ST XTA coilovers and Monroe upper and lower shock mounts.
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