1. M

    8.8 LSD in: what else to maximize traction?

    Hi all, I've just installed a SLG Ford 8.8 LSD, Axle, solid diff. bushings, and driveshaft setup into my 6MT 135i. This is a dedicated half mile & 60-130 car. What additional parts should I add to the following list to maximize straight line traction? - 15 inch rear brake conversion -...
  2. aus335iguy

    E9X M Drive retrofit on e9x 335i/s

    Now that @dyezak has done the drivelogic retrofit to his ‘IS i feel inspired to persue some M goodness of my own. Ill do drivelogic eventually and ill likely change to an M3 diff as well but one other thing that interests me as well is M Drive. A company in Sydney called brintech reckon that...