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  1. M

    8.8 LSD in: what else to maximize traction?

    Hi all, I've just installed a SLG Ford 8.8 LSD, Axle, solid diff. bushings, and driveshaft setup into my 6MT 135i. This is a dedicated half mile & 60-130 car. What additional parts should I add to the following list to maximize straight line traction? - 15 inch rear brake conversion -...
  2. Bmwfixerguy1

    Tire Talk

    What tires does everyone run? With higher and higher HP levels up goes the demand for better tires. The PSS was ok I suppose for the 400hp level, i suppose.. now with 600whp being more and more common the trusty ole pilot super sports leaves a lot to be desired. -I run a m3/4 sizes on purpose...