1. M

    8.8 LSD in: what else to maximize traction?

    Hi all, I've just installed a SLG Ford 8.8 LSD, Axle, solid diff. bushings, and driveshaft setup into my 6MT 135i. This is a dedicated half mile & 60-130 car. What additional parts should I add to the following list to maximize straight line traction? - 15 inch rear brake conversion -...
  2. chrisdfv

    N54 Garrett GTW 6465(3884r) Dyno

    Threw the car on the dyno today since I hadn't done so since swapping my auto to manual transmission. Vi engineered top mount kit with a Garrett GTW 6465 BB turbo. E85 out of the pump. Content unverified, but it usually test at 85ish %. 100* degrees in the shop at the time of the dyno(summer in...
  3. V

    N54 6266 pump gas 93oct dyno

    I stopped being lazy and wrote my 93 octane winter / road trip tune. Peep the video for all the turbo noises: 510 whp / 459 wtq SAE The dyno had a minor hiccup with speed signal on the 510 run. No clue why, literally the only run where it happened. 20 psi, 7.5* timing. AFRs 11.9-12.1 up...
  4. keninger

    Ad: Log Dyno - Measure Horsepower & Torque from your Datalog

    Hello Everyone, I would like to show you what I have been working on the past couple of months. It is called Log Dyno for Android and iOS. Log Dyno can measure Horsepower and Torque from your data logs. The first question which comes to mind with an app like this is how accurate is it? You have...
  5. V

    I pushed a 6266... dyno sheet inside

    I finally got my single turbo running right a few days ago. Yesterday the car went back on the dyno, I hooked up my laptop and and sent it. Mod list: Gen2 6266 dbb, Doc Race turbo kit NTK pre-turbo O2 sensors with Innovate Motorsports venturi heat sinks DIY twin 450 LPFP, 15 psi hobbs MMP Gen1...
  6. V

    Just another MMP Stage 3 Dyno

    I finally dyno'd my hoopty. Thought I'd share some results. MMP stage 3 turbos, inlets and outlets DIY twin 450 LPFP and harness with 15 psi hobbs MMP port injection (gen 1) with AIC6 Full e85 (tested at 84% ethanol) Precision Raceworks FPR/return line kit VRSF 7.5" Race IC, downpipes, charge...
  7. 4doorbmwpower

    (Video) CPE BMW - Idles over by the dyno @ CPE

    I told you guys it runs... hopefully we can finish the mechanical stuff Thursday and set a date for the dyno. Meanwhile searching for Machine shop partners that want to have their name behind this build!
  8. Snelson3003

    Dyno Results, Sharp Customs Port Injection Manifold.

    Alright guys and gals, Here are the Dyno results for the Sharp Customs on my 2010 N54 135i. @Sharp My last dyno without PI made 498WHP and 516TQ, on E65 Fueling and 21.5Psi of boost w/13.8 degrees of timing. This was the ABSOLUTE MAX i could run with the stock HPFP. This was also on a lean...