N54 timing corrections help please!


Oct 17, 2022
Hey guys!

First time poster here, to start I have a n54 with a doc mount 6266 top mount kit. I was hoping I could post my logs here and see if anyone could help me figure out why I have so many timing corrections . The car is JB4 with a JB4 bef , fuel is full e85 although the pump I go to only tests to about e67. The bef I use is a e85 tune. I have all fueling upgrades needed such as dual walbro 450s and PI 550 injectors. So I’m super confused why I have such bad timing corrections . Coils are Eldor coils and plugs are ngk .02 step older .

Here are the logs link I hope I did this correctly please let me know if not !
@1 is first pull after install
@2 is some revisions
@3 is all revisions (they were mostly boost related revisions)



Dec 28, 2016
Tally, FL
I'm probably totally wrong, but if your stoich is tuned for e85, and you're really running e67, you're gonna have issues.

It's been about forever since I tuned anything, but I recall that being a thing...