1. swellengear

    Please review log. HPFP failure or something else? [SOLVED]

    Hi guys, Please have a look at the below logs. Does this look like HPFP failure? Basically what happens is, if I pull the car in WOT, I get a 29DC error code - injector shut off. It will then miss horribly, until I clear the codes. **Logs were taken with a leaky injector #1, which has since...
  2. B

    N54 timing corrections help please!

    Hey guys! First time poster here, to start I have a n54 with a doc mount 6266 top mount kit. I was hoping I could post my logs here and see if anyone could help me figure out why I have so many timing corrections . The car is JB4 with a JB4 bef , fuel is full e85 although the pump I go to only...
  3. ShadyOrb

    WTB N54 JB4

    Looking to buy a JB4 for my car. Located in East Coast Canada
  4. Cornfed54

    FS JB4, BMS PI controller, and jbConnect Bluetooth kit for e-series N54 $550

    For sale is an up to date E series JB4 With the BMS PI controller and harnesses, also includes the JB4 Bluetooth module. $550 shipped via USPS. If interested, I have an AD-e Port injection plate with fuel fittings I will add for $120. Does not include injectors.
  5. DaZuc

    SOLD E Series N55 JB4 Type A Harness w/ USB

    E Series N55 JB4 Type A Harness w/ USB I pulled this off of my 2011 135i. $250. Location: 10954
  6. SJ_1989

    SOLD N54 JB4 G5 ISO

    Used, in good condition. Comes with cable. No bent pins. $300 shipped CONUS.
  7. Mterkait

    MAF-less Tuned

    Hello everyone, I've docrace 6266 on my F30 n55 ( 2013 PWG ) since 2018, and the driveability is not smooth although no Codes or anything. my BEF supposed to be MAFless tune but AFR jumps randomly at low throttle, not sure if there is something wrong during the installation or something else...
  8. D

    Help With Misfire N54 FBO

    I have recently installed precision raceworks coils onto my N54 and have been getting misfires Im FBO excluding a cat back exhaust i also have 94 octane in the tank
  9. SoyElMaui

    FS N55 JB4 E Series Harness A

    Selling N55 JB4 Harness A. $200 shipped.
  10. DaddyBoost


    This user has been asked to not distribute any software on this forum until further notice. Many claims have been made and it will take time to fully investigate. FREE CUSTOM MAPS Includes: IJE0S Stock Turbo, Hybrid Turbo, ST, and ST with BB(Boost Setpoint x RPM) I8A0S: Stock Turbo, Hybrid...
  11. V

    FS JB4 PI controller N54

    JB4 Port Injection Control Module Good working order $225
  12. V

    FS Single turbo sale - MMP stage 3, oem parts

    "Went single turbo" sale - upgraded twins and OEM parts available MMP Stage 3 Turbos - rebuilt and under warranty until 02/2019 (SOLD) MMP stock location inlets and outlets (SOLD) VRSF relocation inlets BNIB not even the bags have been opened (200) VRSF downpipes (SOLD) RB high flow oil drains...
  13. FredHarwood

    Strange boost problem!

    Hi everyone, strange issues with the 335i! Car is a 2006 RHD N54 335i with DP, intercooler, BOV, Charge pipe, Inlets, Outlets and RB Ones, JB4 (G4) Curently Map 2 (14.5 psi). I have been having some issues with making boost. Most of the time the car will spool up no issue hit the 14.5psi...
  14. AK135i

    EMP pump gas flash issues

    Good morning SpoolStreet members. Granted beating a dead horse isn't the best way to approach this, but i've been very busy these past few weeks since the EMP tune fiasco, and would like to share my story and how it was righted, but no thanks to EMP I have been running an emp bef on my ST n54...
  15. rhodesman

    T-Mobile SyncUP Drive work with JB4?

    As the title suggests, I'm looking to add a wifi hotspot to my car and was considering the SyncUP Drive from T-Mobile. It's an OBD hotspot which means it wont bother taking up yet ANOTHER USB plug in my car and has other features that I lost with BMW Assist like vehicle tracking and monitoring...
  16. JCEwing23

    BMS JB4 F series w/Rev3 Blutooth Controller

    This is a slightly used meticulously maintained new Burger Motorsport JB4 that's made specially for 2012-2014 BMW 135,235,335,435 and even more BMWs with the awesome N55 engine with the pneumatic waste gate...Included is the Rev 3 Bluetooth connection interface which works with the IOS or...
  17. JAperformance

    N54 JB4 G5

    JB4 G5 ISO with Bluetooth. The board has less than 6 months and Bluetooth 3. It has latest update already. Not selling separately the Bluetooth.
  18. BimmerGeeks!

    BimmerGeeks Pro K+DCAN cable

    PRO BMW CABLES from BimmerGeeks.Net! BimmerGeeks solely guarantees your cable works the first time, and every time. Whether your looking to use the basics of Inpa, Ncs, Ista or other popular softwares or whether your looking to flash those modules that they say you cant flash with a Kdcan...
  19. Twisted Tuning

    Twisted Tuned 335xi puts up 683awhp, 675awtq (World Record for XI)

    This car was 98.5% tuned on the street. The dyno yesterday was just for numbers and this is exactly how Pete drives this car daily. It was no dyno glory run just for numbers. This is his daily, haha. I made like 3 quick value changes on the JB4 (well actually Pete the owner did, since i'm in NY...
  20. AK135i

    Jb4 32_6 firmware update meth problems

    Since I've downloaded the latest firmeware my meth flow has been acting up. At first it was slow to reach 100% which it always hits, now today it was hitting at best 50%, i did three short pulls not even revving it out, around 4000-5000 rpm. Then the car seemed to shudder at light loads in 5th...