1. Subwoofer

    Technical Advice on Engine Removal

    Hello all, Soon I will be taking my engine out and putting it into another chassis... I just wanted to know if anyone has any experience or tips with dropping the : Engine, Subframe, trans, all suspension at the same time ? I want to make the swap as quick as possible... I have access to a...
  2. purpol e9deh

    Technical Persistent Cylinder 6 Misfire!

    07 E90 335i 6AT posted this to e90post but not much happening over there so I’ll try here for as much info as I can get ;) I originally chased a misfire all the way around the car (bad HPFP and coil on cyl 3), I replaced my entire fuel system besides injectors 1-4 and fuel pump control module...
  3. samuria

    MSD80/81 CANbus Boost

    Has anyone successfully decoded boost pressure from OBD canbus? I have tried reverse engineering a few apps that log boost pressure, but the later versions of the apps have some level of obfuscation. I have not tried tapping into PT-CAN yet, just waiting for an Arduino shield to arrive before...
  4. Athi

    can anyone tell me why my afr is so high

    i’m running mhd v7.1 stage 1 map,arm charge pipe with a tial 50mm bov (11 lbs spring ) fresh index 12s and my rail pressure seems to be okay, new plugs and high performance coils , car runs and drives great but whenever i flash anything other than stock maps i get crazy high afr values but the...
  5. Athi

    anyone know why my afr readings are so high

    i’m running mhd v7.1 stage 1 map,arm charge pipe with a tial 50mm bov (11 lbs spring ) fresh index 12s and my rail pressure seems to be okay, new plugs and high performance coils , car runs and drives great but whenever i flash anything other than stock maps i get crazy high afr values but the...
  6. Omega412

    Boost Leak??

    Im hitting no where near my peak boost, a previous log showed me hitting 7 psi at peak, but now im only hitting 5.
  7. P

    Datalog N54 ST losing boost. HELP!

    Hello, I'm fairly new to the forum and this is my first post, so I apologize if it ends up in the wrong place. I am in desperate need of help. I have been having a problem for the last 3 months now where the boost builds to around 20psi and then it drops off quickly. By the time the half...
  8. R

    400whp recipe on pump 94?

    In Canada, don't have E85 here. Highest is 94 on pump (weird that its one higher than 93 in America? Anyways). I have a stock 335i and here is my mod list that im planning on purchasing, will this land me at 400whp? VRSF CBE Street VRSF Catless DP BMS DCI BMS CP + Tial BOV VRSF 5" IC BMS Stock...
  9. Banshee.E82

    Technical Need Help Figuring out parts to replace in engine rebuild

    Hello, I'm Nick and I am currently trying to figure out everything that I will be needing to rebuild my engine(N54 2008 135i 8 Bolt Manual @174,XXX Miles) to OEM Spec. I am Planning to get Hydra HP650 Turbos and aim for 550hp with headroom. To my understanding, the stock n54 motor with no...
  10. swellengear

    Please review log. HPFP failure or something else? [SOLVED]

    Hi guys, Please have a look at the below logs. Does this look like HPFP failure? Basically what happens is, if I pull the car in WOT, I get a 29DC error code - injector shut off. It will then miss horribly, until I clear the codes. **Logs were taken with a leaky injector #1, which has since...
  11. SalMoney13

    N54 with Catless DPs - Emissions Readiness and MHD

    Hi All: After scouring the BMW-related forums, I have been unable to find definitive answers to my emissions-related questions regarding my N54 with catless downpipes. I understand that the answers to these sorts of questions can be specific to a particular vehicle's problems and...
  12. Armando1969

    Z4 e89 N54 Downpipes with race-cats and silicone intakes.

    I want to take the next step in the tuning of the engine , but I have some limitations to do this. I live in the Netherlands, that means I can't eliminate the cats in the downpipes, because then the car will fail it's yearly inspection. But downpipes with race-cats are almost impossible to find...
  13. Catalin335xi

    Beware - PPIFPR.com is a scam (aka Michael Hollingsworth)

    Hello everyone, First and foremost, I've been reading the forums here for a very long time and got a lot of knowledge for my 2 cars, E92 335xi and E46 325i, so thank you for that. It's sad that this has to be my first post here, but that's just how the situation is. Long story short: I've been...
  14. drymite

    N54 White smoke

    i know theres a couple posts about white smoke or smoke in general turbo seal etc but i been on almost every e90 and 1addict post form related to n54 smoke i couldnt find my exact situation. i have a E92 335i build date july 06. i bought the car with bad turbos and almost everything neglected i...
  15. D

    LPFS integration for Z4 35i & 35is (N54)

    For those that would like to integrate the Low Pressure Fuel Sensor (LPFS) from the 135/335 into their Z4 35i/s I made this tutorial video. The video covers the mechanical and electrical aspects but you will need to consult a tuner for the firmware integration. I’m currently using it in...
  16. bmwe60n54life

    2023 Upgraded Twin Turbo options for N54

    Hi everyone I have been doing lots of research to find a set of reliable big power twin turbos that are available for the N54 market in 2023. With lots of light being shed on modern N54 v3 and v4 17t's & 19t's I have decided it would be smarter to stick with reputable brands, mainly due to the...
  17. Efp1103

    FS Hydra HP800

    Selling a set of Hydra HP800s with ARM relocated inlets. I decided to change direction and go single turbo so I no longer have a need for these. They were only run for 6k miles and are in perfect condition with zero shaft play. I’ll also include a new turbo install kit with purchase. Asking...
  18. DreamKilla93

    N54 turbo's

    I am just wondering what y'all think about n54 twin turboing either my 92 accord or my 86 jetta gl deluxe
  19. M

    Howdy! (N54 swap research)

    Hi there! I'm here to research for my upcoming n54 swap and to learn all things boost! I currently have a 2005 bmw 330xi (e46) that's basically stock apart from the custom long travel coilovers, custom built winch bumper and roof rack, full underbody skid plates, 4.44 diffs, and 30in...
  20. odesh

    Starting a single turbo 335i build. Advices and ideas are welcome.

    Hi, And hello to everyone on Spoolstreet. My beloved 335i n54 has come to the point of 100k miles and it's time to move on from twins. I'm planning to move to Doc Races bottom mount single turbo kit with 6266 gen 1. I try split my typing into segments, so I can explain everything I will do as...