1. Jon1998

    Technical Maxxecu / dct swapped e90

    After successfully completing my DCT swap on MSD81 and pushing my unopened 199xxx mile n54 to 700hp on stock clutches. I did a 5.84 second 60-130 dragy time and had a lot of fun rolls on the street with all the stock bmw components. I never got to post my 2 cents on what it took to swap the...
  2. D

    How to extract and save custom tune for later MHD flashing?

    Hey all, hope someone can chime in Bought a used hand 1M that came with a custom tune. Am going to experiment with MHD, but would also like to keep the custom tune available in case I want to just stick with it if the OTS maps aren’t better. MHD uses a generic stock file when flashing back to...
  3. O

    SOLD BMS Methanol Injection kit with AEM controller & CM10 nozzle

    In great working condition. New meth kit alone without aem controller goes for $568. Asking 390obo. Buyer pays shipping
  4. S

    Looking for the best head studs for boost on a n54 . I’ll pass on Vargas looking for a big stud kit.

    Fully built motor just getting the last few pieces before I assemble it.
  5. ramboz

    miss on acceleration only on MHD stage2+

    hey i am in FBO my spark plugs and my coils are new, but I never changed my fuel pump my injectors have 40K kms - DME active codes - 29CC - DME: Raté de combustion, plusieurs cylindres. (DME: Combustion misfires, several cylinders.) 29CD - DME: Raté de combustion, cylindre 1. (DME: Combustion...
  6. N54_XXX

    Project: RFP Stage 2 ans Stage 3 OTS Maps as Map Switch Tune

    Hey Guys, I am trying someting with the new MHD+ Suite, I want to create a RFP OTS Map Tune as MapSwitch Option RFP Stage 3 V12 will be Map 1 RFP Stage 2 V12 will be Map 2 and Map 3 will be Stock don´t have time to test it today but in the next days I will test it and do some loggs. Will...
  7. Alturiak

    Ignition Coil Electrical Socket (Engine Harness Connector)

    Does anyone know where I can find the information for the ignition coil engine harness electrical connector, part number 12-52-7-519-996? I'm specifically trying to obtain it directly from the manufacturer. It appears to be the Lear Corporation, but I can't find anything that can direct me to...
  8. K

    Misfire on Cyl 4

    2009 BMW 335XI So recently I've been trying to diagnose my misfire on my N54, I have swapped coils, spark plugs, injectors, changed injector seals, decouplers. My car is still misfiring at idle and under 100% load for some reason and I don't know what to change or what to swap anymore. If...
  9. ShadyOrb

    Single Turbo & 91 Octane - How much boost?

    I just finished my single turbo conversion a few weeks ago, and I want to turn up the boost. Currently with 14psi springs I get ~11psi w/ JB4. Map2 is 17psi and I'm not sure if that is safe as I only have 91oct available. - What is a safe level of boost on 91 octane? - Also, for JB4 Map6 can I...
  10. CantSitStill

    Weird starting issues on custom flex map (with 0% ethanol)

    I posted this on the end of another thread but it was buried at the end and I'm getting desperate. Hopefully someone can suggest something to look at be it hardware or in the tune. I'm having weird starting issues where it wont start or the HPFP is taking ages to build up (i can see that...
  11. ShadyOrb

    DocRace 1 Piece Install Trouble

    Hello, I'm trying to install the Top Mount DocRace kit. I can't get the manifold installed, it won't fit between the chassis and the engine. I ended up banging up some of the exhaust manifold gaskets fighting with it. Are they still okay to use? No cranks, just dents etc. Anyone with...
  12. 4

    N54 stage 3lpfp no power through EKP

    Having a weird issue hoping I can get some help! 2007 N54 E90 single turbo with dual walbro 450s. Car ran fine for few weeks, never left garage just short start ups while worked on other things. Then one day would crank and no start. Lpfp is not getting full power. Ive tried 3 EKP modules (coded...
  13. G

    E9X Buy `Garett` turbo from official source

    Hello everybody, Where it is possible to buy `Garett` turbos ? I think it is not possible from official website. Does anyone have an experience of this ? I found full-race.com. Is this trusted source ? Someone has an experience ? In general turbo has a warranty ? I have never bought turbo...
  14. ShadyOrb

    WTB N54 JB4

    Looking to buy a JB4 for my car. Located in East Coast Canada
  15. Lowboost35

    Build N54 Headgasket problems advice please

    Hello guys long story short. N54 lift head gasket once on 17T FBO 550whp. After that i go for build engine rods pistons , cutom exhaust manifold runing single turbo 8hp70 etc... lift head again at 600whp power range turns out that ARP heat studs pull a treath from cyl 6. New cylinder head now...
  16. KAR

    SOLVED Another N54 Cold Start Dilemma

    I've been searching for any help at all on my cold start issue across Google, YouTube, and various N54-related forums, but found nothing consistent with my particualr problem so far. I decided I needed to post my own question. So, just to blow through the usual support questions... I've just...
  17. DreadedN54

    gfb mac solenoid bad?

    was wondering if anyone can help me out single turbo n54 GFB three controller mac solenoid used to buzz when I turn the ignition on I thought it went out so l bought a new one and it's doing the same thing not buzzing and car is only getting 11 pounds of boost but when I put a manual boost...
  18. Veli

    N54 Ghost Cam

    Hello everyone, I'm aware that the following topic may be considered ricey and unnecessary, but I'm already too deep in the rabbit hole and I need answers. I don't plan to use it daily since I'm aware of the effects it has on fuel consumption and the rest of the downsides, and I just want to...
  19. jmctuning

    Flex Fuel reading 4v problem

    Hello to anyone who can assist me with my Flex Fuel issue I have setup flex fuel using a specific MHD tune from an experienced tuner (JSR) and a fuel-IT ethanol analyzer which can read over bluetooth plus on a 0-5v signal wire My setup; The ECA analyzer wire plugged into Harness PIN#16 on the...
  20. JonEQuest

    N54 Need advice to add 2nd pump to my Stage 2 fuel set-up

    I already have a Fuel-it stage 2 fuel pump. I am planning to add port fuel injection so I am curious of any homebrew ideas for adding another pump to my fuel setup to accomidate the extra fuel that will be needed. I assume that I will be adding an extra pump like a Walbro 450 or something...