1. G

    E9X Buy `Garett` turbo from official source

    Hello everybody, Where it is possible to buy `Garett` turbos ? I think it is not possible from official website. Does anyone have an experience of this ? I found full-race.com. Is this trusted source ? Someone has an experience ? In general turbo has a warranty ? I have never bought turbo...
  2. ShadyOrb

    WTB N54 JB4

    Looking to buy a JB4 for my car. Located in East Coast Canada
  3. Lowboost35

    Build N54 Headgasket problems advice please

    Hello guys long story short. N54 lift head gasket once on 17T FBO 550whp. After that i go for build engine rods pistons , cutom exhaust manifold runing single turbo 8hp70 etc... lift head again at 600whp power range turns out that ARP heat studs pull a treath from cyl 6. New cylinder head now...
  4. KAR

    SOLVED Another N54 Cold Start Dilemma

    I've been searching for any help at all on my cold start issue across Google, YouTube, and various N54-related forums, but found nothing consistent with my particualr problem so far. I decided I needed to post my own question. So, just to blow through the usual support questions... I've just...
  5. DreadedN54

    gfb mac solenoid bad?

    was wondering if anyone can help me out single turbo n54 GFB three controller mac solenoid used to buzz when I turn the ignition on I thought it went out so l bought a new one and it's doing the same thing not buzzing and car is only getting 11 pounds of boost but when I put a manual boost...
  6. Veli

    N54 Ghost Cam

    Hello everyone, I'm aware that the following topic may be considered ricey and unnecessary, but I'm already too deep in the rabbit hole and I need answers. I don't plan to use it daily since I'm aware of the effects it has on fuel consumption and the rest of the downsides, and I just want to...
  7. jmctuning

    Flex Fuel reading 4v problem

    Hello to anyone who can assist me with my Flex Fuel issue I have setup flex fuel using a specific MHD tune from an experienced tuner (JSR) and a fuel-IT ethanol analyzer which can read over bluetooth plus on a 0-5v signal wire My setup; The ECA analyzer wire plugged into Harness PIN#16 on the...
  8. JonEQuest

    N54 Need advice to add 2nd pump to my Stage 2 fuel set-up

    I already have a Fuel-it stage 2 fuel pump. I am planning to add port fuel injection so I am curious of any homebrew ideas for adding another pump to my fuel setup to accomidate the extra fuel that will be needed. I assume that I will be adding an extra pump like a Walbro 450 or something...
  9. S

    N54 (E92) Spark Plugs/Coils bad every 6-7k miles

    Hello all, first forum post so I hope I do this right. Got my car in April this year(2010 BMW 335i e92), and it currently has 70k miles. Mods: VRSF Dual Cone Intake Upgraded Chargepipe VRSF 7.5" Intercooler BMS Oil Cooler Valve Maintenance: Valve Cover Gasket 65k miles Oil change when I got...
  10. My 335i E90!

    My 335i E90!

    First picture of my 335i e90!
  11. SweetE90

    335i E90 (N54) Shuttering & Weak Performance

    Hey SpoolStreet! I'm fully new to this group and ready to discuss something that has been going on with my 07 335i e90. Recently, my 335i all suddenly started to not make much power and have been noticing at 2-2.5k RPM the whole car shutters and shakes struggling to hold power or something...
  12. My 2009 135i

    My 2009 135i

    Monaco Blue Metallic
  13. corbanistan

    TunerPro ADX / Live Data

    Has anybody here used the data acquisition & logging functions in TunerPro for these cars? Been messing around with it and ADX files lately. I understand basically how it works but haven't been able to get any meaningful data from the car in real-time at all. I've seen it done before in a newer...
  14. nasty54

    single turbo n54 drag build (RHD+build th400)

    hey guys so earlier this year i purchased an 2009 e82 n54 powered bmw with the intentions of building a more or less dedicated drag car. i will start by saying i still have plenty to learn about cars, im not a professional mechanic just another average car setting out to build a car that rowdy...
  15. Seaneezy

    Received oversized turbo gaskets, could I shave off mm?

    ECS sent me ajusa turbo gasket rings in the install kit that are too large to fit the downpipe v-band off (tested with old worn OEM gaskets). Is it possible to shave/sand one side of the gasket to be shorter or is the coating important to keep? Dealership wants to charge me $75 for a pair of...
  16. Tzaks

    Advice on PCV setup

    Hello! After looking @fmorelli's PCV thread and reading through the replies I had the idea of re-designing the PCV system using inspiration from him and @Panzerfaust. I've ordered the ACfab PCV fittings AN10 for the high side and AN8 low. Please have a look at the schematic below of the setup...
  17. Cornfed54

    SOLD Bare Closed Deck Block and used JE pistons $1200 shipped

    For sale is a nice closed deck bare block with closed deck insert done by Motiv. Includes used, custom stock compression JE pistons, approx 30k miles, with minor skirt scuffing and some pitting on the tops of 3 pistons. The block is in good shape, just needs a clean up hone and decked. I can...
  18. PlutoxE90

    N54 Spool Street and Tuning virgin

    Hello, I literally just made my account, I have been wanting to tune my N54 for a while now by myself but really have no idea where to start. So if someone would like to take me under their wing and help a brother out that would be great. even text me (405) 779-9779 :) and I Mean like I tune it...
  19. Dandy.93

    SOLVED Losing fuel pressure and my sanity :(

    Hey there lads. Never thought I would have to post on forums for help but here I am. I have a 2008 335i (N54). So recently my car has been feeling horrible and having symptoms of HPFP failure :( : 1. Rough cold start 2. Feels like misfires when under mild acceleration. 3. If I accelerate for...
  20. PK4YOU

    Swapping N54 Engine In M3 E92

    Hello everyone, i'm new on this forum, from GeorgiašŸ‡¬šŸ‡Ŗ. I want to share my knowledge to everyone who is interested. I'm starting project, which is very important for me, i'm spending a lot of time and also šŸ’²šŸ’² on it. English is my second language so please don't be strict. It had some...