1. nasty54

    single turbo n54 drag build (RHD+build th400)

    hey guys so earlier this year i purchased an 2009 e82 n54 powered bmw with the intentions of building a more or less dedicated drag car. i will start by saying i still have plenty to learn about cars, im not a professional mechanic just another average car setting out to build a car that rowdy...
  2. Seaneezy

    Received oversized turbo gaskets, could I shave off mm?

    ECS sent me ajusa turbo gasket rings in the install kit that are too large to fit the downpipe v-band off (tested with old worn OEM gaskets). Is it possible to shave/sand one side of the gasket to be shorter or is the coating important to keep? Dealership wants to charge me $75 for a pair of...
  3. Tzaks

    Advice on PCV setup

    Hello! After looking @fmorelli's PCV thread and reading through the replies I had the idea of re-designing the PCV system using inspiration from him and @Panzerfaust. I've ordered the ACfab PCV fittings AN10 for the high side and AN8 low. Please have a look at the schematic below of the setup...
  4. Cornfed54

    SOLD Bare Closed Deck Block and used JE pistons $1200 shipped

    For sale is a nice closed deck bare block with closed deck insert done by Motiv. Includes used, custom stock compression JE pistons, approx 30k miles, with minor skirt scuffing and some pitting on the tops of 3 pistons. The block is in good shape, just needs a clean up hone and decked. I can...
  5. PlutoxE90

    N54 Spool Street and Tuning virgin

    Hello, I literally just made my account, I have been wanting to tune my N54 for a while now by myself but really have no idea where to start. So if someone would like to take me under their wing and help a brother out that would be great. even text me (405) 779-9779 :) and I Mean like I tune it...
  6. Dandy.93

    SOLVED Losing fuel pressure and my sanity :(

    Hey there lads. Never thought I would have to post on forums for help but here I am. I have a 2008 335i (N54). So recently my car has been feeling horrible and having symptoms of HPFP failure :( : 1. Rough cold start 2. Feels like misfires when under mild acceleration. 3. If I accelerate for...
  7. PK4YOU

    Swapping N54 Engine In M3 E92

    Hello everyone, i'm new on this forum, from Georgia🇬🇪. I want to share my knowledge to everyone who is interested. I'm starting project, which is very important for me, i'm spending a lot of time and also 💲💲 on it. English is my second language so please don't be strict. It had some...
  8. N54savage

    N54 Idle Surge? Help needed

    I need some help diagnosing an idle issue. The idle fluctuates pretty bad and comes close to stalling out. There are no check engine lights and I did a smoke test and found no vacuum leaks. Any idea why the car will not throw any engine lights? Thanks in advance. data logo using testo...
  9. allCAPS55

    FS Precision Raceworks Boost Reference Controller

    All, I’m selling a brand new Precision Raceworks boost reference controller (Hobbs switch). Came in a kit I installed but I ended up going with a BPM4 controller so do not need it. Asking 40 bucks and shipping depending on how much it is. Located in 80211 I would be willing to do a local pick...
  10. K

    Single Turbo Emissions e92 n54

    Hey! I made this post to hopefully help out another single turbo n54 owner looking to pass emissions. Information on my car - 2007 335i N54 On3 single turbo kit Manzo catback exhaust E60 mix on a custom tune (jb4 + mhd bef) I am in Colorado, typically for a 2007 they would do the test on the...
  11. TedIsBoosted

    Possible boost leak or just being daft ?

    Hello all, Running stage 2 + MHD with the Evolve DP + Intercooler. Looks like the boost isnt hitting the target towards the end, do you think my wastegates are causing havoc ? Recently they have been making a very big rattle.... Click me for the datalog Let me know, everything else looks fine.
  12. Mon54ster

    E89 sdrive35i MOTIV flex fuel problems

    Hello guys. I've been having trouble with the MOTIV flex fuel kit install. Followed all the instructions but when I connect the flex fuel module to the dme harness i lose conection to the throttle body and it gets stuck. Flashed the flex fuel tune with mhd and reseted throttle adaptation but the...
  13. St3v3nn54

    FS N54 Phoenix Intake manifold and Port Injection

    950obo black phoenix racing intake manifold with genuine Bosch 550cc injectors and split second injector controller.
  14. gmagnus7

    Technical N54 S55 ITB intake manifold by hyper-racing

    Yet another intake manifold option! Someone finally made an ITB setup for the N54 and S55 with 52mm throttle bodies. It would involve custom fab intercooler piping and would eliminate the stock throttle body (I'm assuming). Made out of aluminium and nylon and comes at a price of 4299$ (AUD?). On...
  15. S

    Need Help Tuning

    I honestly have no clue where to start this. I've been trying to self tune my N54 for a little and I cant ever seem to get everything right. Added fuel, saw the decrease in afrs (from 14-13). Did a few pulls and it felt good with no timing correction. Bumped up each load target table by 10. Did...
  16. Tkmotorwerks

    Ad: Arm Motorsports 3" Downpipes

    Arm Motorsports 3" downpipes in stock Features: - Gain 25whp + 37wtq -3" Design -304 Stainless Steel -Improved Exhaust Sound -Run Stage 2+ Boost If you have any questions please feel free to pm me or check out our website orders ship same day if ordered before 12pm est...
  17. Bigfwop

    MHD for IOS released!!!!

    Showing in the App store for Multiple chassis
  18. N

    Is this BOV works correctly?

    Hi, The N54 and petrol tuning new to me. Can someone confirm that this POV is working correctly? Thanks!
  19. CarbonSchwarzN54


    so i am new here. live in Bremen, germany. the first Black Sapphire was my first N54 DCT (sold). and 2nd pic is my newer Carbonblack 335i N54 DCT. so hope i learn more of N54 motors. step by step road to +600hp.
  20. namsu2430

    MHD v9.0 beta

    With V9.0 being pushed to the general public now it might be worth while having some feedback , especially with those who had issues (overboost etc ) on v8.1 (now removed from the app) Car info e.g FBO Map flashed (options ticked if relevent) Altitude Feedback inc what you are comparing...