log review

  1. Mondhund

    B58 M140i B58 MHD cyl timing corrections log Review

    Hello together! meanwhile I drive for a week the MHD Stage 1 on my M140i and thought that I should now take a closer look at the logs. I fill up exclusively at Shell V-Power with 100RON, so about 94oct. Enclosed now my logs, which I have recorded: with93oct stage1...
  2. V

    N54 Health check / log review 6266 28psi

    I was finally able to log some high boost pulls on the street yesterday. Since I "tooned" the car myself I thought I'd throw up some logs for others to dissect: https://datazap.me/u/veer90/jb4-map-7-logs?log=0&data=1-4 Car is running a 6266 on E85 with port injection, twin 450s, 7.5" race IC...
  3. X

    Stock DME Logging

    Got MHD two weeks ago and finally hooked it all up. Love it. Right now my car is stock besides a DCI. Ran some logs to see how everything is doing before putting a tune on. My timing corrections looked a little off for so,excited reason. Can you guys please have a look and tell me what you...