Mirror retrofit - lots of issues now


Apr 5, 2017
07 335i 6MT e90
I did a retrofit of the self dimming mirror. The mirror I had was just the plain no features but the alarm light.

I replaced it with a self dimming compass mirror with alarm light. I ordered the retrofit cable, and installed it as per instructions. The mirror works fine, dims as it should, as does the compass.

I must have done something wrong, because now I have the following issues:

No alarm chirp when locking or unlocking
Interior lights no longer work
sunroof no longer opens or closes (thankfully it was closed!)
Passenger airbag message on dash (appears related since there is a light in that overhead console.

My old mirror had 3 wires, which were replaced and supplemented by the 5 wires in the retrofit harness.

I still need to check fuses to make sure something else didn't blow, but any suggestions as to what the issue may be? Could the entire overhead module have gone bad?