Odd issue - crank no start 07 e90 n54 single turbo


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Dec 8, 2016
Encountering an odd issue. Changed OFHG (after noticing leaking). Bit the bullet and disconnected the injectors electrical connections to the "oil prime process" (even though N54, but after reading N55 horror stories...) of 3x 10 sec intervals, plugged electrical connections back in, followed by doing coolant bleed process. Start car, runs fine, go for a drive, come back, car running on driveway for 10ish or so minutes. Run inside to relay going to run errand down and grab dinner for the family. Come back out, car is off. Will crank, wont start. Full disclosure I did not put a charger or tender on the car when doing the oil prime nor coolant bleed. Push car in garage.

From there I have replaced the battery and alternator, registered battery with car. Still same result, crank no start. I previously have replaced the HPFP and LPFP sensor (line included) in the last 3 months. have also since this issue happened, did the drop in PR stage "2.5" bucket setup. Did test the OG walbro pump (out of car, pump works lol) setup from tony (trickcruiser) and his old 135i "evil1" from many moons ago.

Something I noticed is that I do not hear the pump prime (or what I'm used to hearing?) when unlock / car out of "sleep" mode etc. I have protools, MHD and such. I can use the prime function on ProTools and it will activate.

I do see pressure for LPFP and HPFP while cranking the car.

I feel like this is probably something super dumb and simple that I'm blatantly missing. Have searching high and low for similar, maybe is the fuel pump EKPM?


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