Hello all!


Aug 19, 2023
Hi all,
this is my 335i crossover year DCT. Which ive heard are quite rare here.
Currently running an MHD stage 2+ 98RON tune and also features a leaking water pump.
My plans for the car are to fix the water pump first. Then add a stage 3 XHP flash to unlock all the performance of the DCT. Then next year, move my Bilstein b14 coil overs to it, add m3 control arms, and then slap some baller wheels on it.
Maybe upgrade the turbos in the future, being RHD and limited by pump fuel, seems to be more difficult.
Also, I've changed the plate since this photo. Its now "AN54 NOB" to which I was trying to show A N54 NOB as I have an N54, and I drive it like a nob.
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