N54 Convert my PI fuel to PI meth?


Nov 7, 2018
Kenner Louisiana USA
2008 335i Convertible
I want to convert my PI fuel setup to PI meth.
What I have is an N54 running JB4 with MHD custom BEF, ported head, 17t's, index 12 injectors, 7.5" race IC, upgraded inlets/outlets, DP, with full cat less exhaust, HP28 transmission, etc. I have the Phoenix racing PI manifold and 750cc injectors running PI fuel. It is controlled by the JB4 PI controller connected to my JB4 (of course). I currently run pump gas (no meth nearby) have an upgraded fuel line, dual walbro 450 pumps in the tank, and the second pump is triggered by a relay when the PI controller kicks it on.
To convert to PI meth I know I need a tank, pump, some meth hose and fitting to connect to my fuel rail. What I am unsure of is if there is anything else I need like solenoids, etc. I am unsure if I should buy something like a Snow Perf. stage 1 or 2 or just buy pieces ala-cart. It seems like the kit is cost effective but I guess I wont need the nozzles or the controller right? I read it may be good to add one nozzle to the CP as well. Also I hope I can just use my 750cc injectors, or should I remove them and replace with meth nozzles? Any advice is appreciated.

P.S, I will also need a new tuner. I used Trebila a couple years ago, but he ghosted me a while back.