N54 with N43 water pump???


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Jan 24, 2024
Hi, I have an european E91 LCI 2008 LHD with N54 and manual transmission 144t km.

Recently while I was taking the fan out for walnut blasting a coolant hose broke. I have seen a lots of videos about failing N54 water pump, so i thought to myself, I might do that as well, if the coolant is out already. I bought the N54 water pump (4 pins, 2 rows) crawl under my car and see this
Coolant hose goes the other way round to the front instead of to the back and the pump is a little bit smaller. I checked the number on the pump housing (30445331) and it seems to be this pump for smaller engines like N43. It also has 4 pins but in a row. Also if you check the number on the hose (1153 7 558 071) on realoem or bmwfans it clearly says it was only mounted on N43 engines.

I am the third owner. Does anybody know why is my N54 like this? Were there really such configurations or has some previous owner changed that?