FS Good OeM turbos/ barely used clutch/dmfw


Feb 6, 2018
E92 335
I’ve got stock turbos, approx 50kmiles on them, also for sale is a luk clutch kit minus TOB and luk dmfw. The clutch is almost new condition, approx 1,500-2k miles, zero launches and the car wasn’t even tuned during the time this clutch was in.
Turbos are in good shape, they ran stock boost except for the last 3-4k miles before I upgraded to GC’s, max was 18psi on that tune with inlets. Almost zero shaft play, the rear turbo does have wg rattle, it rattled in less than 5k miles after being replaced and didnt get much worse from that point.
$225 plus shipping for clutch and flywheel
$300+ shipping for the turbos, thanks!