1. trevorjelam

    Black Friday Sales Event!! LIVE NOW

    Proud to announce our black Friday event is now in action!! Click here to view our Info/Discount Guide! Dynamic AutoWerx Flowmax, Hp70 Swaps, Doc Race, BigBoost Kits, Fueling, And More!! Email us with any questions [email protected]
  2. G

    FS N54!

  3. Cornfed54

    FS Good OeM turbos/ barely used clutch/dmfw

    I’ve got stock turbos, approx 50kmiles on them, also for sale is a luk clutch kit minus TOB and luk dmfw. The clutch is almost new condition, approx 1,500-2k miles, zero launches and the car wasn’t even tuned during the time this clutch was in. Turbos are in good shape, they ran stock boost...
  4. Aaron_335i

    FS VTT Stage 2+

    $2,000 shipped, located in Houston, TX for the locals. Used 10k miles, no issues whatsoever!
  5. Pablo.zhp

    N54 335i 2007 NO BOOST

    Hey guys, new here. Have a 335i 2007 E92 and there's no boost at all. Vacuum lines are already checked, selenoids are working, diverter valves are working as well, we've changed wastegate actuators and flaps, but there's still no boost. What else can we look into? Best regards
  6. B

    RB N54 HI-Flow Turbo Drains $150.00 Shipped

    These were on my car for 1 summer. Went single turbo. Great shape, Approx 2000 miles. I put the stock heat shields on the hoses to protect them. I live in Vancouver Canada. So I need a max of 2 weeks to take a trip across the border to ship. Or I can ship immediately from here. $150.00 Shipped...
  7. TurboMike

    Lots of performance parts for sale

    Items are for the n54 335i. Also obo. Would prefer offers be through PM and not on the post. Pure stage 2 turbos Hi-flow, 2" inlet option Should arrive week of 12/5- $3100 VRSF metal inlets 2"- sold MMP metal outlets- sold VRSF 3" catless downpipes- sold Fuel it stage 2 pump(it has never...