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Oct 24, 2016
Hey guys, quick update from us on what's been cooking up over the past few weeks with bootmod3. We've pushed out the latest updates on the web that have been in testing over the last while with a number of great tuners out there. We've pushed out version 0.9.35 on the Web ( and the Android app is already live on this version. Apple is as usual, going through the review and should be up in the next 24-48 hours on 0.9.35 as well.

Here's a quick summary of what's been done so far. We'll be adding some pics in this thread of the editor and some videos are coming that'll demo some of the features we've built into the bm3 platform overall.

Version 0.9.35:

- Large number of custom tuning updates
- S55, N55-EWG (including M2) and N55-PWG table additions
- Editor: Import map feature supporting imports across ROMs (different software versions)
- View user datalogs inside editor when looking at a Tune Request as a tuner user
- My Maps screen: Request Map for custom tunes with tuners from Tuner Directory
- Map Screen: Request Update on any map that came from any tuner and send to them for an update
- Comment on maps while working with a tuner
- Email Service Integrated: Instant email notifications to users and tuners as tune is being created. In-app notifications to follow soon
- Tuner Directory: Shops and Tuner additions
- Custom Maps: Shows change history with ability to add further comments
- Custom Tuning Editor: Export Map as a file, save locally for future reference/back if needed. Ability to send the map file to another user to load into their account, optionally lock it to a VIN and lock it from being viewable if so desired.
- Wired USB cable connection option for the BM3 device agent

On the tunes front we have had a major new release of the S55 OTS maps in those last 3 weeks and they're provided through the bootmod3 system. Many of you are already on the latest release and very soon updates won't need to be requested but just obtained through the app/web through an OTS Maps screen. You'll also be notified of any new OTS map updates as they get released automatically :party0030:

Next up we're working on adding the sliders for many people's favourite, burble adjustment, duration and aggression, exhaust flaps setups, boost by gear for those that drag race and are looking to optimize launch, and a few others. You'll be able to take any map from stock to OTS and apply your custom burble and exhaust flap configuration to them and then flash without affecting any other parts of the tune.


Quick demo vid of the core map selection, diag and flash features that we used for this releases submission to the Apple's App Store as they wouldn't approve it until they saw it in action with the USB cable

Quick vid of the custom tuning editor as well, here demo-ing the 3d charting feature:

More vids to follow on custom tuning features soon..
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