1. scsr311

    New to forum

    Hey everyone, new to forum. Have a 2012 BMW E70 M (S63TU) I just lost the motor in. Signed up to get some ideas on what's the best reman option for putting her back on road. Any constructive, helpful advice would be welcomed and appreciated. Thanks
  2. GhassanAutomotive

    Ad: Remanufactured S63/S63TU Engine For Sale

    Buy the completely remanufactured BMW S63 / S63TU engine from Ghassan Automotive for $8,495 that includes a two-year, unlimited miles, parts and labor warranty. Ghassan Automotive wants to provide a stress-free and convenient buying experience. If you need a BMW engine replacement or just want...
  3. PTF

    bootmod3 0.9.35 release

    Hey guys, quick update from us on what's been cooking up over the past few weeks with bootmod3. We've pushed out the latest updates on the web that have been in testing over the last while with a number of great tuners out there. We've pushed out version 0.9.35 on the Web...