1. flippin30

    N55 Dorch stage 2

    Installed dorch stage 2 today and followed instructions to the T. Test driving car and got on it full throttle to make sure nothing breaks, 2-4 pull and when i let off in 4th, it started backfiring like nobodies business. Car went into limp mode with no codes. Car struggles to start now. I...
  2. GhassanAutomotive

    Technical Remanufactured N55 Engine - Exclusive $500 Discount for SpoolStreet Members!

    Looking for a high-performance N55 engine? Look no further than Ghassan Automotive Group! Our remanufactured N55 engine delivers record-breaking performance starting at just $4,495, and as a SpoolStreet member, you're eligible for an exclusive discount of $500 off! Our 85,000 sq ft facility in...
  3. amerikanist

    F3X Diagnosing faulty LPFP vs. EKP vs. HPFP

    Hello fellow BMW enthusiasts! I am running into an issue with my F32 randomly going into a limp mode and shutting down the engine shortly after. In the majority of cases, I am able to start the engine and drive after clearing the error memory. These are all the errors from different...
  4. Buhala21

    AWD e82 135i with DCT

    Hello everyone, For a long time I wanted to make a proper fast one series. I was researching for a lot of time, but I wanted to make something that hasn't been done before. The idea of making the little car AWD, but retaining the DCT trans. There were a lot of unknown things, which I found later...
  5. R

    New here! F30 335i xDrive PWG - MPPK Flash

    Hi guys, I'm new here. I have a 2013 F30 335i xDrive PWG. And I have a question. Have you ever tried to flash MPPK SWFL's without MPPK FSC? Because my question is if I can flash MPPK with ESYS and after that flash my DME with MHD so will i have MPPK without FSC then? Or i will need to generate...
  6. O

    SOLD BMS Methanol Injection kit with AEM controller & CM10 nozzle

    In great working condition. New meth kit alone without aem controller goes for $568. Asking 390obo. Buyer pays shipping
  7. MMPJR

    Big Turbo N55 PWG

    Hello, I have a 2011 n55 6mt car and want to make 500whp reliably. Just put a new motor in it with 50k miles and did king bearings. Car has inlet, outlet, catless downpipe, Vrsf street exhuast, turbosmart bov, 7.5in race intercooler, bms intake. I also just put a xclutch organic clutch so it can...
  8. J4CK_335i

    F3X Yet another PCV chirp thread, pls help

    Hey SpoolStreet, I have a 2012 F30 335i, I purchased it with a jb4 and an upgraded aluminum? chargepipe. However, I cannot find a name on the pipe anywhere hence the question mark. I have been having issues with my crank/pcv system for the past while. I did purchase a car-shield third party...
  9. Alturiak

    Ignition Coil Electrical Socket (Engine Harness Connector)

    Does anyone know where I can find the information for the ignition coil engine harness electrical connector, part number 12-52-7-519-996? I'm specifically trying to obtain it directly from the manufacturer. It appears to be the Lear Corporation, but I can't find anything that can direct me to...
  10. G

    E9X Replace N55 power steering pump

    Hello everybody, I have a car 335i E90 {N55 PWG}. My car's power steering pump was in a terrible condition. When I was rotating steering wheel, pump had a terrible noise (So big annoying sound + RPM was up and down and engine was not happy at all). I just replaced pump (Pump is used, but from...
  11. G

    E9X Buy `Garett` turbo from official source

    Hello everybody, Where it is possible to buy `Garett` turbos ? I think it is not possible from official website. Does anyone have an experience of this ? I found full-race.com. Is this trusted source ? Someone has an experience ? In general turbo has a warranty ? I have never bought turbo...
  12. G

    E9X N55 PWG `Speedtech` kits

    Hello, I am really interested in, if someone has an experience with `Speedtech` kits on {N55 PWG} cars (Even EWG examples will be fine). It seems, this is one of the most powerful kits on the market based on my knowledge (Which is an extremely limited). Could you please to share more about your...
  13. G

    E9X N55 BOV sound and car is "shaking"

    Hello everybody, I have a car 335i E90 {N55 PWG}. My car had a lot of issues (But somehow, we started fixing all problems). The core issue was, that a car was going on boost very late and once it was boosted `target/actual` PSI was very far from each other (Target PSI = 18 / Actual PSI = 4...
  14. G

    N55 upgrades on high power

    Hello guys, I finally decide to keep my car 335i E90 {N55 PWG}, manufactured in 2010 automatic gearbox (No DCT). Mileage this moment is 150,000KM. I need advice from experienced people, what kind of upgrades is neccessary to handle a big power. For instance, `Speedtech` HP charts says, that...
  15. G

    Check if turbo is EWG/PWG

    Hello everybody, One guy buy a car 335i F30 {N55}, which is manufactured in 2013. He is interested in, if this car has a {EWG/PWG} type of turbo ? A car is manufactured in july. I know about `realoem.com` and I have already visited this website and provide serial number and get detail in...
  16. M

    MHD crackle tune on custom tune

    Hello people on Spool Street, my name is Mario. I have a beautiful stock 135i with a Custom Tune pushing around 360 wheel, and i was wondering if its possible to still run my custom tune and have the MHD crackle tune enable without any issues. If anyone have any idea on how this could work/...
  17. F15 X5 N55 BMS Intake

    F15 X5 N55 BMS Intake

  18. S

    N55 3.5 Bar issue *PLEASE HELP*

    I am trying to tune my own car and from what I gathered its working great but I've just upgraded turbo and also bought 3.5 bar sensor. My issue is that I want to run 24-25 psi but even if I set load to 220 I can't run above 22.6. I assume I need to not click the 3.5 checkmark on MHD but how do I...
  19. N55_E92

    N55 Vanos Help

    2012 335i N55 PWG Prod. 4/12 105k miles Hello everyone, so I'm gonna try to explain as much as I can of what I have done and potential reasoning's, I'm the only one to touch and repair anything on it since ownership so all my doings. recently did oil filter housing gasket and oil cooler gasket...
  20. N55_E92

    E9X N55 E Chassis PWG Unusual Oil Temps

    Hello, so recently I've been running into the issue of my oil temps running a little warmer then normal. Car runs fine in city but as soon as I get on the freeway my temps start to creep to 250f and sit there. Only remedy I have it turning on my heater and i watch my temps go down to almost...