1. G

    N55 upgrades on high power

    Hello guys, I finally decide to keep my car 335i E90 {N55 PWG}, manufactured in 2010 automatic gearbox (No DCT). Mileage this moment is 150,000KM. I need advice from experienced people, what kind of upgrades is neccessary to handle a big power. For instance, `Speedtech` HP charts says, that...
  2. G

    Check if turbo is EWG/PWG

    Hello everybody, One guy buy a car 335i F30 {N55}, which is manufactured in 2013. He is interested in, if this car has a {EWG/PWG} type of turbo ? A car is manufactured in july. I know about `realoem.com` and I have already visited this website and provide serial number and get detail in...
  3. M

    MHD crackle tune on custom tune

    Hello people on Spool Street, my name is Mario. I have a beautiful stock 135i with a Custom Tune pushing around 360 wheel, and i was wondering if its possible to still run my custom tune and have the MHD crackle tune enable without any issues. If anyone have any idea on how this could work/...
  4. F15 X5 N55 BMS Intake

    F15 X5 N55 BMS Intake

  5. S

    N55 3.5 Bar issue *PLEASE HELP*

    I am trying to tune my own car and from what I gathered its working great but I've just upgraded turbo and also bought 3.5 bar sensor. My issue is that I want to run 24-25 psi but even if I set load to 220 I can't run above 22.6. I assume I need to not click the 3.5 checkmark on MHD but how do I...
  6. N55_E92

    N55 Vanos Help

    2012 335i N55 PWG Prod. 4/12 105k miles Hello everyone, so I'm gonna try to explain as much as I can of what I have done and potential reasoning's, I'm the only one to touch and repair anything on it since ownership so all my doings. recently did oil filter housing gasket and oil cooler gasket...
  7. N55_E92

    E9X N55 E Chassis PWG Unusual Oil Temps

    Hello, so recently I've been running into the issue of my oil temps running a little warmer then normal. Car runs fine in city but as soon as I get on the freeway my temps start to creep to 250f and sit there. Only remedy I have it turning on my heater and i watch my temps go down to almost...
  8. 2012 335i

    2012 335i

  9. DaZuc

    SOLD E Series N55 JB4 Type A Harness w/ USB

    E Series N55 JB4 Type A Harness w/ USB I pulled this off of my 2011 135i. $250. Location: 10954
  10. SoyElMaui

    FS Pure Stg 2 for N55 PWG

    Turbo is in great condition. Only removed bcus went bigboost. 8k miles. No shaft play. Asking for $1800 you pay shipping
  11. BmwN55

    FS Airlift air suspension F30, F31, F32, F33, F36, F22, F23

    1500 firm Airlift 3P kit for BMW 335i F30. Located in St Pete Florida. Fits some other models 2 gallon tank 2 viair pumps - not sure model Does not include 3/8 line Management is 2 years old Bags are 1 year old. Also have wheels and other stuff for sale.
  12. Mterkait

    MAF-less Tuned

    Hello everyone, I've docrace 6266 on my F30 n55 ( 2013 PWG ) since 2018, and the driveability is not smooth although no Codes or anything. my BEF supposed to be MAFless tune but AFR jumps randomly at low throttle, not sure if there is something wrong during the installation or something else...
  13. GhassanAutomotive

    PROMO Remanufactured N55 Engines For Sale

    Buy the remanufactured BMW N55 engine from Ghassan Automotive for $3,995 that includes a two-year, unlimited miles, parts, and labor warranty. Ghassan Automotive wants to provide a stress-free and convenient experience. If you need a BMW engine replacement or want to upgrade the one you already...
  14. AJL

    Weird fault code 5062

    Does anybody know what could be causing an intermittent DKG fault code of 5062? Show's up in ISTA as: 5062 - DKG: Fault, parking-lock hook I've thoroughly checked the shifter wiring harness and engine bay harness for problems, but haven't found any. It comes up randomly with no discernible...
  15. Carl Balzer

    F1X Beta testing the new VRSF Turbo Inlet and install

    *I'm going to preface this by letting you know that I was chose to test the first ever VRSF Turbo Inlet for the N55 F10. Since this inlet has not been officially released yet, I can not share the pictures of it. Once Tiago and VRSF does their official release, I will update with my pictures.*...
  16. S

    N55 swaps/interchangability

    I have a 2011 E90 335i that just spun a rod bearing. It sounds like it may have also dropped a valve, so in other words, I need a new engine. I haven't found any definitive answers for this question but how interchangeable are the N55s from different years and chassis, so I was hoping the...
  17. C

    CA Who is in nor cal?

    New to Bmw always see a few guys with modded 1 and 3 series in Sacramento.who else is around?
  18. X

    MFactory DCT flywheel owners GET IN HERE

    I've seen that a lot of people purchased these flywheels to hypothetically eliminate the phantom knock when going above 18psi on a PS2 (N55 specifically). However, I've yet to see a single review or post proclaiming that this flywheel does prevent the phantom misfires. Who can speak to this...
  19. Carl Balzer


    *I'm going to preface this by letting you know that I was chose to test the first ever VRSF HD Core intercooler for the N55 F10. Since this intercooler has not been officially released yet, I can not share the pictures of it. Once Tiago and VRSF does their official release, I will update with...
  20. matreyia

    n55 way more finicky than 54

    Does anyone find that the n55 335i is way more sensitive and finicky than the n54? I work on both engines and every time I work on an n55 no matter who's car it may be... once re-assemble is done, I run fault codes and 100% of the time I get some error related to the vanos actuator, boost...