1. gmagnus7

    Technical N54 S55 ITB intake manifold by hyper-racing

    Yet another intake manifold option! Someone finally made an ITB setup for the N54 and S55 with 52mm throttle bodies. It would involve custom fab intercooler piping and would eliminate the stock throttle body (I'm assuming). Made out of aluminium and nylon and comes at a price of 4299$ (AUD?). On...
  2. Bigdaddyaaron

    S55 Single turbo - A Motiv Solution

    I don't have an s55, but seeing this has tickled my pickle. Strongly considering an m3 in the near future. Most likely wont buy their kit, but if the can tune a single turbo, i'm down.
  3. V

    Headgames S55 spring / stud kit

    From their IG today. Word is they're trying some new stuff with the valve springs that will trickle down to N54/55 if it works out. Any important info / details to ask about their setup? I know nothing about valvetrain stuff
  4. RichMichael97

    Stay Away From RFP Tuning (aka Dean Fuhriman)

    I’m making this post to warn people about RFP Tuning (aka Dean Fuhriman), who has been “tuning” for the N5X community now for a few months. He has a history of screwing up people’s cars, and even bragging about it on Facebook. My first experience with him was Sept 16 when I inquired about his...
  5. PTF

    OBD Unlock [No bench unlock Required] *** bootmod3 New Feature Release for the S55

    Hey everyone, happy to announce general availability of the bootmod3 OBD unlock feature :sunglasses: It is now available to anyone with an S55 without restrictions. Details on OBD unlock as well as the recently released offline flasher can be found in our earlier thread here...
  6. GhassanAutomotive

    PROMO Remanufactured N54 Engines For Sale By Ghassan Automotive 135i 335i 535i 740i X5 X6

    GHASSAN AUTOMOTIVE 819 E 46TH AVE, STILLWATER OK 74074 405-780-1105 www.GhassanAuto.com Check out our Facebook page for more details at www.Facebook.com/GhassanAuto Ghassan Automotive would like to offer our N54 long block engines to the spool street community at a discounted price of $2995...
  7. arsenalmse


    Arsenal Motorsports Black Friday Special! Save 10% on final price on all built engines! https://www.arsenalmse.com/ Offer is good until Nov. 30th! Message me for information on what we offer or our process!
  8. PTF

    bootmod3 0.9.35 release

    Hey guys, quick update from us on what's been cooking up over the past few weeks with bootmod3. We've pushed out the latest updates on the web that have been in testing over the last while with a number of great tuners out there. We've pushed out version 0.9.35 on the Web...
  9. Twisted Tuning

    Twisted Tuning BMW N54/N55 Phenolic Intake Manifold Spacer

    The 1/4" spacer offers superior thermal insulation between the cylinder head and the intake plenum. This can be useful when plumbing custom intercooler piping or rotating the intake manifold. This is a Must have for anyone running an Aluminum Aftermarket intake manifold. Which Heats up the...
  10. PTF

    bootmod3 for BMW F series Vehicles - General Discussion

    FAQ: https://www.protuningfreaks.com/pages/bootmod3-faq Authorized dealer listing: https://www.protuningfreaks.com/pages/authorized-dealers bootmod3 iOS app: https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/bootmod3/id1170348811?mt=8 bootmod3 Android app...
  11. ABR Houston starts an N54 outside of the vehicle

    ABR Houston starts an N54 outside of the vehicle

    We're here with all BMW electronics, no aftermarket equipment on an '80 DME making cool stuff happen.
  12. ABR Houston makes an N54 run outside of the vehicle

    ABR Houston makes an N54 run outside of the vehicle

    We made a time lapse of us starting a stroker engine to make sure it's ready to drop in.
  13. ABR Houston explains front crank seals

    ABR Houston explains front crank seals

    Oil filter housing gaskets and front crank seals make drive belts very unhappy. They make your wallet cry. Listen to the pro's on why the front crank seals are so tricky to replace
  14. Want to fix wiring like the pros?

    Want to fix wiring like the pros?

    We show how to make a professional wiring butt splice. This is the best and most secure way to make a wiring repair
  15. arsenalmse


    Hello Spoolstreet! I thought I would introduce my company to you guys and tell you about some of the awesome stuff Arsenal Motorsports & Engineering has been developing for quite some time. To start off, Arsenal Motorsports & Engineering was started about a year ago by a couple of BMW...
  16. Mike @ XPH

    Extreme Power House Black Friday Sale Thread - All our Offers in one Place !!

    BLACK FRIDAY 2016 OFFERS!! All our deals include free shipping!! We will also price match lower deals you find somewhere else!! We have a huge sale on Wagner Tuning & REMUS exhausts. Prices are so low we can't advertise them Call us @ 702 494 9435 or email [email protected] for your price! Active...