1. J

    Technical Odd WGDC Fluctuations, Interim 30FF/limp mode

    Apologies to begin with, this is a longish-winded post: I have a 2010 BMW E60 535i xDrive. The car just hit 82k miles. I've owned the car for about 6 months now, and only started modifying it. So far I've done a muffler delete, BMS DCI, 1-step colder plugs, Eldor coils, and a JB4 - usually have...
  2. A

    Odd 30FF case

    Videos can be found at the Google Drive link with file names describing what they are https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/1I0e0hHoKrDlJiTvVxUFwwl5GvLVCzczs Hey guys, got a super weird issue. I have this 135i with~115k miles. Has a 30ff, turbos feel laggy. Did a pressurized smoke test and...
  3. odesh

    Starting a single turbo 335i build. Advices and ideas are welcome.

    Hi, And hello to everyone on Spoolstreet. My beloved 335i n54 has come to the point of 100k miles and it's time to move on from twins. I'm planning to move to Doc Races bottom mount single turbo kit with 6266 gen 1. I try split my typing into segments, so I can explain everything I will do as...
  4. G

    E9X Buy `Garett` turbo from official source

    Hello everybody, Where it is possible to buy `Garett` turbos ? I think it is not possible from official website. Does anyone have an experience of this ? I found full-race.com. Is this trusted source ? Someone has an experience ? In general turbo has a warranty ? I have never bought turbo...
  5. G

    E9X N55 PWG `Speedtech` kits

    Hello, I am really interested in, if someone has an experience with `Speedtech` kits on {N55 PWG} cars (Even EWG examples will be fine). It seems, this is one of the most powerful kits on the market based on my knowledge (Which is an extremely limited). Could you please to share more about your...
  6. G

    E9X N55 BOV sound and car is "shaking"

    Hello everybody, I have a car 335i E90 {N55 PWG}. My car had a lot of issues (But somehow, we started fixing all problems). The core issue was, that a car was going on boost very late and once it was boosted `target/actual` PSI was very far from each other (Target PSI = 18 / Actual PSI = 4...
  7. G

    N55 upgrades on high power

    Hello guys, I finally decide to keep my car 335i E90 {N55 PWG}, manufactured in 2010 automatic gearbox (No DCT). Mileage this moment is 150,000KM. I need advice from experienced people, what kind of upgrades is neccessary to handle a big power. For instance, `Speedtech` HP charts says, that...
  8. G

    Check if turbo is EWG/PWG

    Hello everybody, One guy buy a car 335i F30 {N55}, which is manufactured in 2013. He is interested in, if this car has a {EWG/PWG} type of turbo ? A car is manufactured in july. I know about `realoem.com` and I have already visited this website and provide serial number and get detail in...
  9. Seaneezy

    Received oversized turbo gaskets, could I shave off mm?

    ECS sent me ajusa turbo gasket rings in the install kit that are too large to fit the downpipe v-band off (tested with old worn OEM gaskets). Is it possible to shave/sand one side of the gasket to be shorter or is the coating important to keep? Dealership wants to charge me $75 for a pair of...
  10. Subwoofer

    Upgraded Turbo - Mods ?

    Currently FBO. Just wondering whether I need to do anything else for my new 17T install, apart from the Walboro 450 and N20 map sensor. I am not currently planning on pushing past 20 PSI, but not sure if I should have another supporting mod. I don’t believe I need PI, until I really want to...
  11. Subwoofer

    17T Turbo Balance Conundrum

    So I have just received my first turbo with a balance sheet. I’m 95% sure it’s fake comparing them to others found online (I’m not talking about the actual data but instead the layout) Just as a general community question, does anyone have pics of the the sheet they received. Going to speak to...
  12. Subwoofer

    Possible boost leak or just being daft ?

    Hello all, Running stage 2 + MHD with the Evolve DP + Intercooler. Looks like the boost isnt hitting the target towards the end, do you think my wastegates are causing havoc ? Recently they have been making a very big rattle.... Click me for the datalog Let me know, everything else looks fine.
  13. mb21111

    FS RB Turbo Next Gen Plus

    For sale is my set of RB Next Gen Plus Turbo chargers for the E60/E61/E8X. I originally purchased these turbos with their supporting hardware (oil drains etc) new for over $3500. The turbos were in my car for approximately 1500-2000 miles, after which I noticed a low boost issue. I sent both...
  14. gmagnus7

    Exhaust theory on N54 & turbos in general

    I wanted to talk exhaust theory and get some opinions from people: I've been reading a lot on these forums and it seems that most people are content with the stock exhaust (modified or not) or go with single 3" systems. This kind of bothered/confused me because I always read that the lower the...
  15. Vargas Turbo Failure

    Vargas Turbo Failure

    3rd set failure, each failed within the first 1500km
  16. JimboFresh206

    FS Refinished style 162s

    FS: Refinished style 162's asking $650 obo (local pickup preffered, will ship) WA
  17. thegriffen

    E46 M3 N54 Swap Build Log

    Hello everyone, I thought I'd take some time to share a build a friend and I have been (slowly) working on since the beginning of this year (2018). I actually tried to make this thread on another forum sometime during the summer, but my post ended up being eaten, and I didn't have the...
  18. rhodesman

    FS RB N54 OEM TD03L-10T Turbos

    $1,000 SHIPPED* or best offer. (*within the United States, international shipping may need extra shipping costs.) I have a brand new set of RB turbo CHIRA's that I transplanted into my OEM manifold and charge housings (housings have 70k miles on them and flawless). These are front and rear as a...
  19. G

    FS N54!

  20. Carl Balzer

    N55 Pure Turbo Stage 2 Group Buy!

    Alright guys. If you were ever on the fence about getting a Pure Stage 2, NOW IS THE TIME!!! This group but is open to all N55 Pure Stage 2 turbos regardless of chassis. This group is for 10x N55 PS2 @ 15% off!!! With packages ranging from $2,500 -$3,000, this could mean up to $500 off! Who...