1. hardneoark

    Custom MHD map lazy launch control

    Hello spoolstreet community, requesting some help from the custom tuners here! I and one friend recently installed a Vargas GC turbocharger on two M340i G20 xdrive B58TU. I did a custom MHD map for both cars, mostly increasing the "boost set limit", "boost multiplier" and the "torque to load x...
  2. bmwe60n54life

    2023 Upgraded Twin Turbo options for N54

    Hi everyone I have been doing lots of research to find a set of reliable big power twin turbos that are available for the N54 market in 2023. With lots of light being shed on modern N54 v3 and v4 17t's & 19t's I have decided it would be smarter to stick with reputable brands, mainly due to the...
  3. My 2009 135i

    My 2009 135i

    Monaco Blue Metallic
  4. mb21111

    FS RB Turbo Next Gen Plus

    For sale is my set of RB Next Gen Plus Turbo chargers for the E60/E61/E8X. I originally purchased these turbos with their supporting hardware (oil drains etc) new for over $3500. The turbos were in my car for approximately 1500-2000 miles, after which I noticed a low boost issue. I sent both...
  5. Vargas Turbo Failure

    Vargas Turbo Failure

    3rd set failure, each failed within the first 1500km
  6. N

    Need Advice ! Looking for tuner & questions on my current setup !

    Hey guys, so im in the process of looking for a tuner but before i waste there time or my money i want some opinions on my setup and if i should wait till i get a few other things so here it is... My current setup: - JB4/MHD Pump BEF with hybrid turbos default settings (just did this motor...
  7. Aaron_335i

    FS VTT Stage 2+

    $2,000 shipped, located in Houston, TX for the locals. Used 10k miles, no issues whatsoever!
  8. M

    What is the highest HP from all the hybrid turbos?

    Hey Everyone, I was wondering if anyone knew the highest HP that have been put down by all of the hybrid turbos that are out. RB(Original RB, RB Evo's, RB Super Evo's) Vargas(Stage 2, 2+, GC Lite, GC), Hexon (RR550,RR600,RR700), Pure Turbo S2, MMP Stage 3, and any other's I'm missing. Please...