1. bmwe60n54life

    2023 Upgraded Twin Turbo options for N54

    Hi everyone I have been doing lots of research to find a set of reliable big power twin turbos that are available for the N54 market in 2023. With lots of light being shed on modern N54 v3 and v4 17t's & 19t's I have decided it would be smarter to stick with reputable brands, mainly due to the...
  2. pmey335

    RB N54 High Flow Oil Drains - Buyer advice

    First off I'd like to point out I have nothing against RB or his business. In fact I would like to mention that once I got his N54 External PCV Kit (See here) my car went from clouds of smoke to barely anything visible—see my post Huge Clouds of Smoke After Turbo Swap. Rob also has great...
  3. 1

    RB1s, Wedgeperformance, E50 - Dyno and Logs attached - 455whp/488wtq

    Hey Guys, Sharing some of my mods and feedback on my 09 135i N54 AT. 140k miles :sweatsmile: 3 pulls: - 443whp/500wtq (air box lid removed) - 455whp/488wtq - 441whp/492wtq Tune: - Wedgeperformance Flexfuel MHD E50 Custom Tune Mods: - RB1s DIY turbos - RB Inlets - DPs - Fuel It Stg2...