BMS JB4 F series w/Rev3 Blutooth Controller


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Nov 7, 2016
Jax, Fl
This is a slightly used meticulously maintained new Burger Motorsport JB4 that's made specially for 2012-2014 BMW 135,235,335,435 and even more BMWs with the awesome N55 engine with the pneumatic waste gate...Included is the Rev 3 Bluetooth connection interface which works with the IOS or Android formats. Having wireless info with 6 fully customizable gauges and logging capabilities can be a HUGE PROBLEM SOLVER if a problem/code arises. The logging can also be set manually per pull or automatically so you can always go back to check your specs when over your inputted specified range of fuel input. You can graph the log or spreadsheet it to investigate all aspects of the way your vehicle ran/ running. Having wires run all through the car is old technology and unpleasant, not with BMS JB4 blue tooth Rev3. The user interface could not be easier to use to make changes and increase performance. As new firmware comes out from Terry(owner of BMS) updates and better performance specs the Rev 3 makes it a snap. If the new ISO firmware is wanted I can make the necessary changes for you at no charge and done professionally. It requires changes to the motherboard and all specs to be changed but BMS says it's the way they will be updating firmware from now on. I will take the time to make sure install and all specs are correct for your specific car. Then you can play with it and change specs here and there or leave it alone but the product is awesome. I've been super impressed with everything about these products. Please enjoy! This is an emergency, please share!


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