1. T

    N55 Throttle Fluctuating - Any advice? Log Included

    Hi Guys, New to the site, but keen for some well informed opinions! Car: E90 335i, N55, Manual 1) When accelerating the car doesn't pull cleanly/consistently, there is some easing and re-surging when accelerating. This actually happens most noticeably under light acceleration. 2) Idle...
  2. purpol e9deh

    Technical Persistent Cylinder 6 Misfire!

    07 E90 335i 6AT posted this to e90post but not much happening over there so I’ll try here for as much info as I can get ;) I originally chased a misfire all the way around the car (bad HPFP and coil on cyl 3), I replaced my entire fuel system besides injectors 1-4 and fuel pump control module...
  3. M

    E9X Boost issue after new intercooler?

    Hi all, For reference: MHD st2+ E30 Replaced my radiator this evening and decided to swap in the 5” VRSF intercooler I’ve had sitting on the shelf for a while Before I installed the new intercooler I would hit 22.8psi sometimes 23 With the new intercooler in I’m only hitting about 15psi even...
  4. suspenceful

    Video My $3,500 335i is WAY Faster than I Expected

    I recently gambled on a 335i from across the country for only $3,500. Once it showed up, I realized it had 19T turbos, FBO, inlets, outlets, etc :fearscream: Enjoy my buddy and I's first reaction once we realized how fast it was...
  5. G

    E9X Replace N55 power steering pump

    Hello everybody, I have a car 335i E90 {N55 PWG}. My car's power steering pump was in a terrible condition. When I was rotating steering wheel, pump had a terrible noise (So big annoying sound + RPM was up and down and engine was not happy at all). I just replaced pump (Pump is used, but from...
  6. Seaneezy

    Car is completely dead after installation of new battery

    Had issues with my old battery losing charge so I got a replacement AGM from PepBoys to replace it. I've done this before and it was fine. On the latest replacement, when going to register the new battery I realize I have no power whatsoever to the car. I insert the key fob and there are no...
  7. K

    Single Turbo Emissions e92 n54

    Hey! I made this post to hopefully help out another single turbo n54 owner looking to pass emissions. Information on my car - 2007 335i N54 On3 single turbo kit Manzo catback exhaust E60 mix on a custom tune (jb4 + mhd bef) I am in Colorado, typically for a 2007 they would do the test on the...
  8. digitalashley

    N54 (E87) LPFP psi low??..

    Hi everyone, I have gone from a stock 135i (N54) low pressure fuel pump due to low psi (52-42psi) readings at idle and throughout RPM range (rail pressure would drop and cause limp mode), to a walbro 450 and have retained the bucket and Venturi to keep it close to stock as possible and...
  9. spoolzone

    Buying/DIAGNOSING a 2008 335i | dealer - "it has a fuel injector problem"

    First time taking codes from the 08 335i I just picked up ‍♂ Was told it had bad fuel injectors. Barely could touch the throttle at first and didn't wanna idle smooth at all until it warmed up. Ended up changing bank 1 plugs, coils, and injectors..Definitely made a huge difference. Links below...
  10. spoolzone

    My N54 FBO garage build (built motor at 113k)

    I have been slacking getting around to posting on this forum, so let me give a quick synopsis of my N54 experience thus far. Almost a year and a half ago I finally found the e92 335i I had been relentlessly searching for. It was in Ga (I live in Fl), but that didn't matter to me. 6spd MT black...
  11. Modifyit

    Ad: Carbon Fiber BMW Parts. Interior, Exterior and Accessories

    Hello ladies and gents, I'll start off by introducing myself and my company to you all first and foremost. My name is Eric, I've created a brand and company called "Modify it" that caters to all of our BMW enthusiasts! I've noticed the void in our community for quality carbon parts and great...
  12. Bug Killa

    Bug Killa

  13. Stance'n


  14. Seaneezy

    windows, turn signal, dash lights electronics issue

    Car has been having weird battery issues recently but is throwing no codes for it. For the past two weeks sometimes when I turn the car off, but before taking the key out all electronics in the car go off. Now none of my driver door panel switches work (regulators are fine, rear window switches...
  15. Seaneezy

    metal underbody panels?

    After 3 months of work, my car is back on the road after a diy transmission rebuild. Through this process (I did the project on jackstands), I removed most of the underbody panels for easy access and misplaced a few of them. A friend of mine owns a sheet metal shop, could I replace these panels...
  16. Jyothin

    WTB Required DME MSV80, CAS and Key set for BMW E90 330i(258hp)

    My car's ECM got water damaged and I am searching an used, but sealed and not repaired item for replacement. My car is Right Hand Drive having Automatic Transmission. Looking for full kit with ECM, CAS and Key set(Great if 2 keys available) Thanks in advance. Jyothin
  17. S

    MMP Stage 3 Dyno - Daily Driven 30psi

    Good Morning from Korea, I just wanted to throw up some MMP Stage 3 results from this weekend. My great friend Ivan and I have been dialing in his car for the perfect daily driver tune. Well, here is the results on 30ish psi. Mods: MMP S3 Turbos MMP Outlet MMP Hot side inlets TwistedTuning...
  18. V

    E90 fire extinguisher bracket

    What's my best bet if I want a small (2lb extinguishing agent minimum) fire extinguisher mounted under the drivers seat for drift events? Since the oem parts are exceedingly hard to get. Quick google search shows KAP industries in Australia and VAC motorsports sell brackets for the e90. Anyone...
  19. F

    FS OS GIKEN ’Super Lock’ LSD Differential (Diff)

    OS GIKEN ’Super Lock’ LSD Differential with the 335 A/T Gear set 3.46 e90 e91 e92 335 / 135 only. Faster 0-60, more enjoyable to drive if you add this to a 6MT! Better 1/4 Mile Times too. $2100 OBO fully assembled pumpkin, ready to install! I have extra fluid that can be included. Only...
  20. R

    FS OEM BMW M3 wheel with paddle cutouts for sale

    Genuine OEM BMW M3 steering wheel for sale. Came from an e90 with dct transmission so it has paddle cutouts! Asking 325 or best offer....(make me an offer!)