FS Spring cleaning sale - injectors, flex fuel, motor mounts, etc

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Nov 16, 2016
West Nyack, NY
Hey guys, got a bunch of leftover oem and aftermarket parts for sale.

BNIB Motiv flex fuel kit (full kit + feed line) - sold
ADE motor mounts - sold
2x NTK 24345 precat O2s (low miles) - 200
Walbro 255 - sold

4x Index 12s (low miles) - sold
Turbo coolant and oil lines (all 8 complete set) - 100
TPMS (433 hz, 2009 LCI) - 100
VANOS solenoids - 75 pending
rail pressure sensor - 15
6MT accelerator pedal - 40
knock sensors - 25

Add S&F unless otherwise discussed. Any questions please ask. Thanks

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