Simple OEM+ Build Thread


Jan 9, 2021
Hi there,

I'm creating a build thread to document what I've done to the car in the past couple months in case I need to reference for historical reporting or in case I sell down the line (hopefully not haha). My goal is to occasionally race this car in HPDE or Autox sessions, but I took @Asbjorn advice and I joined a local indoor/outdoor go-karting league. So this car will just be an excuse for me to practice photography and video most of the time since I recently picked up a camera. So my frequency of racing this thing will be pretty low, like 2x or 3x a year. Hope to update this thread once in awhile. BTW, if you're in NY area, I suggest joining the NYC Go Karting club on FB Group or Meetup, it's pretty cool, 3 - 6 hours worth of seat time per event, $60 for indoor or $300ish for outdoor, karts go to 30mph to 50mph depending if indoor or outdoor. Don't have to worry about maintenance before/after each session unlike HPDE or drift events lol.

You can see I took ideas from @Asbjorn @berns @MDORPHN @JimboFresh206 on this forum

Pictures will come in within the next week or so.

Instagram: @Coffee.Assist.Driver
Google Spreadsheet to log my miles, dates, maintenance, costs, etc.: Coming soon

Current Modifications

Bought 2008 BMW 335i E90 4 door Sedan on 01/15/21, current mods have been placed on a rolling basis since then

Drivetrain: Transmission, Differential, etc.
  1. 6AT
  2. XHP Tuning OTS Stage 3
  3. M-Factory 1.5 Clutch Type LSD w/ 3.46 gearing (stock on auto diffs)
  4. Revshift Solid Aluminum subframe bushings
  5. Whiteline poly differential bushings
  6. (4) 18x10 +25 APEX ARC-8 Wheels
  7. Federal RS-PRO 200TW 235/40/18 Fronts
  8. Federal RS-PRO 200TW 255/35/18 Rear
  1. Fortune Auto 500 Coilovers 9k/11k with Swift springs
  2. Eibach Front and Rear sway bars
  1. CSF Radiator
  2. CSF Intercooler
  3. BMS DCI
  4. Mishimoto Oil Catch-can low side
  5. VRSF Downpipes
  6. VRSF Street Exhaust 3.5inches back to muffler
  7. MHD Tuning on Stage 2, not 2+
  8. VTT silicone coolant hoses
  9. VTT engine mount inserts
  10. VRSF Chargepipe
  11. HKS BOV

  1. 93 pump gas

Future Modifications and Potential Timelines

  1. Secondary Radiator (most likely stock) - June or July 2021
  2. VTT Oil Pressure Sensor Adapter kit - August or September 2021
  3. Secondary or Bigger Primary Oil Cooler (unsure of vendor or if going custom) - November or December 2021
  4. OEM Big Brake Kit from a M3 or M4 F series - Unknown
  5. M-Tech front bumper - Unknown
  6. 275/35/18 or perhaps 285 Square - Unknown
  7. Aggressive cut/roll/pull, possibly wider metal fenders or wide body - Unknown
  8. Speedtech Single Turbo with Borg Warner series turbo kit (as close to 500whp/4XXtrq on 93 pump gas as much as I safely can) - February or March 2022
  9. Custom Tuning from @Twisted Tuning - March or April 2022 depending on the weather to head Upstate NY
  10. 14K rear swift springs (not sure if my rear suspension will compress, but we'll see if I need a stiffer rate) - Unknown
  11. M3 front and rear control arms or SPL fronts + Megan rears, not sure... leaning towards M3 for simplicity's sake of getting a bit more front camber and for updating bushings all around. Since I'm seeing more people in the EU drift this thing, I'm hoping more innovation happens in this area - Unknown
  12. Brake ducting - Unknown
  13. New winter tire/rim setup, looking at Kansei rims to plow snow with - Unknown
  14. Manual or DCT transmission swap (hopefully not, but considering it... especially if I get a second car) - Unknown
There are other things I'd want to do to the car, but I'm trying to save for a SUV or a truck like a Honda Passport, 4runner, but the California in me is open to a hybrid RAV4 but it can't tow haha.

Current Maintenance

  1. Oil Filter Housing Gasket
  2. Oil Pan Gasket + New Bolts
  3. 335IS engine mounts
  4. Transmission mounts
  5. Water pump
  6. Thermostat
  7. Coolant Expansion Tank
  8. Transmission pan, solenoids, oil change
  9. Recent engine oil change
  10. Coolant flushes of course for new rad
  11. Differential Oil change

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