Precision Raceworks Coils Timing Corrections


Dec 22, 2016
I’m curious what would cause timing corrections with using these coils over stock type coils.

Logs show more timing corrections using PR coils over stock type coils.

Build info:
Motiv closed deck engine. Fully built running e85.

With PR coils plugs are gapped are 0.024
Stock coils gapped at 0.020”

I am running a custom Magnecor KV85 plug wire with these coils if that makes a difference

I have tried running the PR coils with a smaller gap, it only makes the corrections more abundant.

No misfiring with either coils running approx 26-27psi on a 6266.

Should I try a larger gap with the PR coils? I thought 0.024 was pushing it so I didn’t gap any larger.

I’d hate to bail on these coils over the stock coils.
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Jun 27, 2017
Just this weekend switched to PR from delphis, getting some inconsistent timing drops (changes both degree and which cylinder). I'm at .022 for gap myself stock motor and [email protected] Sent tuner my logs, will keep you updated if we iron out the drops as well.
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