precision 6266

  1. 1FastT2

    Precision Raceworks Coils Timing Corrections

    I’m curious what would cause timing corrections with using these coils over stock type coils. Logs show more timing corrections using PR coils over stock type coils. Build info: Motiv closed deck engine. Fully built running e85. With PR coils plugs are gapped are 0.024 Stock coils gapped at...
  2. B

    XI Doc Racing 6266 Install Questions

    Currently buying a MMP M700 engine as well as I have a 6266 Doc Racing kit on it's way! With that being said I currently have been wrenching on my car, taking off the front end, piece by piece. I am now at the point where I need to figure out how to pull the engine. From what I hear it's pretty...
  3. Philipcrow_stn54

    Phil3, Precision Turbo E90.

    Car is a 2007 e90 335i with the n54 motor, automatic trans. Was purchased stock with 97k miles 2 years ago. Slowly began modding it up to a fbo car running e60 fuel. Turbos began to leak and smoke so recently I did a conversion to a top mounted Precision 6266 1.0ar turbo, with 2 Tial wastegates...