precision raceworks igniton coils

  1. 1FastT2

    Precision Raceworks Coils Timing Corrections

    I’m curious what would cause timing corrections with using these coils over stock type coils. Logs show more timing corrections using PR coils over stock type coils. Build info: Motiv closed deck engine. Fully built running e85. With PR coils plugs are gapped are 0.024 Stock coils gapped at...
  2. Jeffman

    Help / Advice Sought: PR Coils ignition Codes and Misfires

    Well my cylinder 2 electrical problems have returned. :coldsweat: It started a few months ago. Started to get 2E19 DME Firing Cyl 2, especially after the engine had completely warmed up and idling or driving slowly in a parking lot or garage. At the time spark plug 2 was only hand right. Code...