New MMs and M3 suspension -YES!


Apr 6, 2018
Dallas, TX but soon to be Cocoa Beach FL
2012 z4
It's nice to finally find a shop that I trust - it's been a while and without a compressor anymore, I've lost that "I can get out of this situation with more power" option. But my to-do list just got shorter, somewhat - as I order a VC after I get home...

IS motor mount on the right side, stock on the left, stock tranny mounts - perfect!

M3 suspension parts on the front. Alignment is out of spec now - but that -1.3'sh on both the fronts will be just fine! Still have not had a chance to test it out.

A intake clean and I'm idling smooth again (no pics, but was told it needed it..). 49k miles

So now I'm left with a new belt and a valve cover to replace before it gets warm. Rear adjustable control arms if I get motivated, and some new strut mounts too. Have I mentioned tail of the dragon is only ~3 hrs away from me? Better bleed the brakes too.