F8X N55-M2 losing boost


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Jul 12, 2022
I have a F87 M2 N55,45k miles.
My turbo seems to lose boost at over 5k rpm,target is 17psi that I think is pretty low for PS2 to reach.
Smoke tested,no leak.TIC and BP O-ring looks good.Meth nozzle leak fixed.
Can't get any cheap pressure test machine here.Please give me experience if you guys have such situation.
I've ordered a decat dp and turbosmart vr11 pb bov,I'd like to know if any other leak would occur except intake,inlet,bov,tic,bp and cp.
Mods: GruppeM intake,MST inlet V2,PS2,GFB DV+,Snowtech TIC BP CP,CSF FMIC,APT WMI,Akrapovic full exhaust with 200cell cat.
Here's recent log:https://www.bootmod3.net/log?id=629b27e5ae729b29d05c60b9
How's your opinion,thanks!