N54 Dual HPFP


Nov 24, 2017
Indiana, USA
There has been a bit of forum talk recently of a few different HPFP solutions for the N54 cars so I thought I would give a brief intro into a new possibility -

The dual piston style pumps you see here are on my Z4 . So far, development has gone well. The car is driveable but still a ways to go to make it fully operational.

May never get this to work well enough - or it may turn out great! Hopefully by spring time I will be able to run full E85 without running out of fuel pressure



Jul 3, 2018
Yes - N55 pumps running on the Z4.

Currently working on details of driving just one of the pumps while leaving the second pump deactivated
I get it if you guys wanna keep some things secret still, but I'm very curious how these are being driven and how DME control is being maintained. Any word on that you can say?

Also, what's the increase in flow like? I saw some people mentioning its only capable of around ~30% more than our stock HPFP on FB but didnt see any solid evidence of that.

island road

Nov 21, 2016
I am really interested to see if this is an viable solution, this would really help for those of us that can't run a shotgun E6x, XI guys ect.
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Apr 4, 2018
I was referring to the OEM S55 HPFP hardware, these should fit without an N54 issue, the trick is getting the electrical/software side of things to play nice.

I know they can mount on but from my understanding the n55 ( newer version), s55 and the v8 motors that use the lobe driven pumps are variable displacement pumps that rely on the valve opening of the fuel intake solenoid to be timed in relation to the plungers position to control the amount of fuel taken in per stroke to control and vary pump displacement to control fuel flow.That is why there is a position sensor on the side of the housing of the pump so the dme knows exactly what position the plunger of the hpfp is at then time the intake solenoid to control how much fuel is taken in or pushed back out with the plungers movement. The wobble plate 3 piston style pumps of the n54 are fixed displacement pumps per revolution and bleed fuel back to the lowside of the pump to control flow by pwm the solenoid on the pump .
I would be impressed if someone got one of the plunger style variable displacement pumps to work on a motor that came with the n54 style pump. You would need a way for the dme to read the position sensor and recode it to time the valve to control displacement. Or have a standalone controller that could handle the timing of the pump. Not impossible to do just difficult.
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Nov 6, 2016
Doesn't the VTT Shotgun also upgrade the fuel rail? Something worth considering.
They just drill it out and remove the inline filter IIRC. They used to charge like $500 for this and even marketed it like it was an upgrade. They may have gone even as far to say they modified the HPFP as well, my memory is hazy.If drilling it out gives you 5% more headroom who cares? Why would you want to be on the bleeding/ragged edge fuel delivery wise and need that extra 5% flow? I guess if you install another filter inline that is the same micron it's not such a bad idea? A real pump upgrade is what is needed.

Pics, drill size, and info is all in this thread: https://bmw.spoolstreet.com/threads/ptfe-line-tank-to-hpfp-inline-fuel-filter-upgrade.3041/


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Nov 7, 2016
I wouldn't get your hopes up too high yet, there is still A LOT to be worked through on the control side as cam driven pumps w/ a cam lobe sync aren't meant to run on the N54.

I am working with @NoQuarter, and we are slowly making some progress. I am also working with some others on a few hpfp solutions to support a wide range of power levels :)


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Aug 11, 2017
Just so y'all know, I can source complete S55 HPFP conversion kits with lines, rail, etc for a VERY competitive price, like sub-1k. PM for details ;)
@[email protected] and I have begun working with Omar relative to the road course E90 track kit set of capabilities. Our first package from @Hydra Performance is on an airplane right now and Omar has sourced S55 fuel hardware for us earlier this week (yes we are being optimistic on the development the Dual HPFP team is working).

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