FS Garage sale n54 parts -- price drops

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Jun 27, 2017

Sold my BMW and have some spare parts left over.
$SOLD stock turbos, wg rattle
$SOLD HPFP -- 50k miles, worked fine, bought as backup but never needed it
$SOLD water pump, thermostat, water pipe -- same as above
$SOLD index 12 injectors -- youll have to replace seals, bought these as backups
$SOLD Style 161's (17") with Firehawk indy tires -- lots of curb rash, set of four
$SOLD stock oil cooler with lines
$SOLD NGK 95570 spark plugs BNIB

$1000 full 135i brake setup (calipers, rotors, pads, fluid)
$70 BNIB upper coolant lines
$shipping fuel lines and rail
$55 stock intake manifold
$100 chevy zr1 rep wheels x2 -- junk tires 17x9.5
$80 delphi coilsx5; bosch coils x6
$25 oil filter housing
$shipping stock intercooler
$30 BMS billet jack adapters
$20 BMS locking lug nuts
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