Technical Easiest external fuel filter + FPR DIY options?


Jul 3, 2018
E92 335i
Hey guys,

I'm looking to get the most out of my (stock DI-only) fuel system as possible. I have a bucketed walbro with an attached non-bucketed walbro running off of a Hobbs switch which seems to be working as perfectly as one could hope for. That said, I'm looking to get rid of the fuel limitations now.

I've read the DIYs on this forum about both a stage 4 setup (thank you @veer90 ) as well as the little scattered posts about FPRs here and there. I understand how the different setups work and am hopefully going to entirely bypass the driver side filter/regulator while keeping the stock connection. My main issue stems from how I could go about mounting the filter and regulator in the engine bay since I dont have access to a lift and cant currently use Jacks due to living in an apartment complex.

It seems that you used to be able to get an aftermarket short-line that connects to the HPFP that would allow you to integrate the FPR (and likely finagle a filter in too) from either Fuel-it, PR, BMP or elsewhere, however I can no longer find anything of the sort. It seems that line has been dropped in favor of full-length lines that are simply "more e85 compliant" from whoever offered it before and most full PnP bundles of anything fuel related for the N54 seem to be pretty overpriced compared to piecing things together.

I would've liked to just snag the short line, drop in my filter & regulator, remove the HPFP filter and add @Twisted Tuning 's hard line replacement and call it a day but I dont know that I can now. Do I have any options now other than butchering my stock fuel line to add the filter or making my own hose? I've made a decent amount of flared AN fitting hoses on my own (including for my oil cooler setup and PCV system) but when it comes to fuel I'd like to play it safe as possible without paying double the cost for someone to box everything up together for me. Any guidance on keeping everything in the engine bay is my ultimate goal and would be greatly appreciated!
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