1. Panzerfaust

    Technical Easiest external fuel filter + FPR DIY options?

    Hey guys, I'm looking to get the most out of my (stock DI-only) fuel system as possible. I have a bucketed walbro with an attached non-bucketed walbro running off of a Hobbs switch which seems to be working as perfectly as one could hope for. That said, I'm looking to get rid of the fuel...
  2. V

    Teaser: DIY stage 4 fuel system

    Disclaimer: just got the whole shebang installed last weekend, currently investigating some minor hiccups possibly EKP related. Will post full DIY when it's fully sorted. Is working fine now. About 3 weeks ago I started putting together a DIY stage 4 fuel system. My goal was for this to be the...
  3. V

    Technical Boost Referenced Fuel Pressure Regulator

    Question: For boost referenced FPRs, is there any ratio available other than 1:1? Context: I'm eventually planning on putting together an overkill fuel system for 35+ psi with ST and e85: triple walbro 450s, FPR with return line, ID1000s or 1300s on the PI rail, etc etc. If I used a 1:1 FPR...
  4. S X3 M

    Fuelab Fuel Pressure Regulator

    Got a Fuelab 529 FPR for sale. Was used previously for port injection. I no longer have the car or other parts and have this for sale now. Price is 300 obo, PayPal'd and shipped from Boca Raton. Message me by PM or contact me at 561-322-5624.