1. ShadyOrb

    Single Turbo & 91 Octane - How much boost?

    I just finished my single turbo conversion a few weeks ago, and I want to turn up the boost. Currently with 14psi springs I get ~11psi w/ JB4. Map2 is 17psi and I'm not sure if that is safe as I only have 91oct available. - What is a safe level of boost on 91 octane? - Also, for JB4 Map6 can I...
  2. Panzerfaust

    Technical Easiest external fuel filter + FPR DIY options?

    Hey guys, I'm looking to get the most out of my (stock DI-only) fuel system as possible. I have a bucketed walbro with an attached non-bucketed walbro running off of a Hobbs switch which seems to be working as perfectly as one could hope for. That said, I'm looking to get rid of the fuel...