1. A

    N54 PCV/OCC (Oil Catch Can) set up for M18 VC (valve cover) on my 335IS

    So once I realized the dilemma of needing oil catch cans after installing the valve cover. Due to there being no cyclonic separator, as well as not being able to reuse the OEM PCV or CCV (Crank case vent hose) as the 2 ports (high/boost and low/vacuum) on the M18 VC are both just -10AN. I then...
  2. F15 X5 N55 BMS Intake

    F15 X5 N55 BMS Intake

  3. SJ_1989

    SOLD N54 JB4 G5 ISO

    Used, in good condition. Comes with cable. No bent pins. $300 shipped CONUS.
  4. JAperformance

    Pure S2 Turbo, N54 parts sale

    I will be selling my twin setup and some other parts. The turbos were installed on April 2017 they have roughly about 3500 miles on them. Still under warranty although there are no issues with them. Tracked Twice and dynoed once. Well taken care of. Prices are Shipped minus 3% paypal fee unless...
  5. JCEwing23

    BMS JB4 F series w/Rev3 Blutooth Controller

    This is a slightly used meticulously maintained new Burger Motorsport JB4 that's made specially for 2012-2014 BMW 135,235,335,435 and even more BMWs with the awesome N55 engine with the pneumatic waste gate...Included is the Rev 3 Bluetooth connection interface which works with the IOS or...