B48/B46 F & G series are now supported by MG Flasher

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Oct 15, 2018
MG Flasher - BMW Tuning App - User Experience Update ver. 225


Tuning your BMW should not have to be difficult; we focus on MG Flasher user experience at every opportunity. To help those with slower internet connections, we reduced the size of our OTS maps files by over 98%; downloading a map update is very fast now. We have also improved the synchronization of user/car info by removing the extra loading on each MY CAR page entry. Speed of purchase redemption is much faster too with the added benefit of a separate page called SYNC CAR where you can sync your licenses and OTS maps from all your devices (Android, iOS). Dealers will find the online shop now shows licenses linked to customer vehicles. Finally, the way we show available maps for each stage has been placed on the new AVAILABLE STAGE VERSIONS page. Current version and release date are indicated on screen when you are choosing between 91oct/95ron and 93oct/98ron maps. Furthermore, you can expand specific items to read what was changed in each release. Together with a few other technical improvements the overall speed has increased across the entire app.

The MG Flasher Team
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