MG Flasher Now Supports Late Model B48 MINIs!


Oct 15, 2018
340i B58

MG Flasher is excited to announce official support for the MINI B48 platform. Many hours of driving, logging, and testing have helped us develop optimized OTS maps with excellent results and positive feedback from all beta testers! Furthermore, since the new BMW X1 and X2 have similar software, support is just around the corner.

A Flashing License will provide access to all MG Flasher features, including custom options. Stage 1 and Stage 2 OTS map licenses are now available. OTS maps are available for ACN 91, 91 OCT/ 95 RON, 93 OCT/ 98 RON, and 94 OCT/ 100 RON fuel. A unique, adjustable TCU torque limiter (bypass) is ready to be installed, along with options such as Vmax, decat and Startup Roar. On-The-Fly custom code options for Aurix ECUs are currently under development and will be released in another update.

Through extensive research and development, OTS maps have been optimized for each of MINI engine configurations. The 189 hp model comes with a 7-speed DCT transmission that has a limiting design which is unable to hold large amounts of torque. To avoid any clutch slipping or potential damage to the transmission, these models will have safer calibrations with restricted power levels.

Expected power levels:
  • 189 hp & 207 lb-ft model (141 kW & 280 Nm)
    • Up to 315 hp & 273 lb-ft (235 kW & 370 Nm)
    • Delta up to 126 hp & 66 lb-ft (94 kW & 90 Nm)
  • 228 hp & 221 lb-ft model (170 kW & 300 Nm)
    • Up to 330 hp & 332 lb-ft (246 kW & 450 Nm)
    • Delta up to 102 hp & 111 lb-ft (76 kW & 150 Nm)
  • 302 hp & 332 lb-ft model (225 kW & 450 Nm)
    • Up to 375 hp & 384 lb-ft (280 kW & 520 Nm)
    • Delta up to 75 hp & 52 lb-ft (56 kW & 70 Nm)
  • Other power levels are also supported but not listed (gains can be estimated based on the above information, for example, 181 hp is like 189 hp and 141 kW is like 135 kW)
Supported MINIs:
  • JCW / JCW GP / JCW GP Inspired Edition
  • JCW Hardtop / JCW Cabrio / JCW Clubman / JCW Countryman ALL4
  • Cabrio / Cooper S / Cooper S Clubman / Countryman
  • F-Series (F54, F55, F56, F57, and F60) equipped with B48C, B48D, or B48E engines
Please note that MG Flasher support late model MINIs with the MG1 ECU. Early models use MEVD ECUs, which are not supported at this time. You can connect to the free MG Flasher app to verify your specific ECU and model is supported before making any license purchases.

ECUs with software updates from 11/2019 and later may have OBD flashing security that require removal of the ECU to unlock via select Dealers with specialized tools. Contact us for exclusive access to a customized version of Magic Motorsport’s FLEX tool.

ECUs manufactured after 06/2020 are hardware locked and require a bench unlock provided by Femto. Please contact us if you have questions regarding this unlock.

Thank you to all the dealers and beta testers who allowed us to develop software directly on their vehicles and spent countless hours driving and logging. Also, thank you to the huge fan base that has grown over the last few years, you motivate the team to continue making MG Flasher better than ever!

We are looking forward to your feedback,
The MG Flasher Team